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My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Spoilers, Raw Scans

I haven’t yet recovered from the fact that Aoyama was the traitor from the very beginning. But, after we learned everything, he looks more of a victim than the culprit. The real culprit is AFO himself. This guy is the physical manifestation of a Devil.

It’s lame of the Hero society to just “capture” him and keep in high security prison than to just execute him altogether! Yes, my friends that’s what we call a “plot armor.” AFO death means the manga is already complete, there’s nothing left to fight at such high scale.

Well, I bet you giggled at the end of Chapter 338. I did it too! the community did! With this let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Spoilers, Raw Scans(if available).

Chapter 339 Predictions

I haven’t yet read any community posts and how fans are reacting about the next Chapter. But, if I try to guess, it’s either about how Chapter 338 ended or the ending of MHA. Horikoshi has revealed that the end is pretty near. And it’s pretty much evident! Like how everything is falling into place, the traitor being revealed and also Dabi making his move!

I don’t think there’s gonna be any training arc. And I personally don’t think that would be good move from Horikoshi. Aoyama may play an important role the way forward. I’m also sensing some major deathflag.

I just hope All Might doesn’t die since Shigaraki is already hell-bent on killing him. But, Deku will need some external influence to ignite all the powers of OFA, and I know quite well that this a cliche in a manga series that when someone really close to the protagonist dies their “hidden power” bursts forth!

My Hero Academia All Might
All Might

This situation is just similar to how in AOT we didn’t want Levi to die and in Black Clover we didn’t want the Wizard King to die. I hope Horikoshi doesn’t make MHA similar to Chainsaw Man where almost every chapter an important character dies.

Well now that I stated Chainsaw Man, do you know that Chainsaw Man will release in 2022. The upcoming year is going to be one of the best year for Anime fans. We are getting Chainsaw Man, Overlord, and on top of that Bleach. My excitement is out of bounds and I don’t know how to explain this happiness!


The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 339 title: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes – Part 2”
  • Chapter starts with showing the development studio. It’s a lot bigger than before because that’s where they manage the U.A Barrier.
  • Deku shows the Mid Gauntlets and asks Hatsume whether it could be fixed?
  • She asks if he is in a hurry to which he replies Yes with a serious face. She then replies, “That’s Impossible.”
  • She says that she would have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch, but it won’t be possible since she doesn’t have the material to replicate the compression feature.
  • After this conversation she suddenly runs off. Iida also asks her about his armor, and to that too she replies No.
  • Soon she sits down to work on something and Deku asks about it.
  • Then we see a hologram of evacuation blocks from the U.A Barrier flying out. Powerloader explains that Hatsume played a crucial role in make the U.A Barrier and is still thinking ways to increase its security.
  • She gives a little speech about how inventions are the herioic activity of the support and after that hands Deku a pair of gloves. The gloves punches him in the face.
  • We then see an Air Force glove attached to Mid Gauntlet’s arm portion.
  • She also hands Iida a glove, which also punches him in the face. She used the same logic as with Deku’s gloves and after that she smiles and tells them both that they will win.
  • Class 1-A is leaving U.A with Mount Lady. She said their priority hasn’t changed. It’s still finding the League and the Liberation Army.
  • The students are still worried about Aoyama and wonder if he will take their hand.Shouto says Yes, because he is the one to have a clear vision about his future.
  • The scene transitions to Kansai and we see Fatgum, Tamaki and Nejire saving civilians from a villain. Nejire has a short hair now.
  • Fatgum says that the next battle will be a total war, and we see that this region is also full of barriers.
  • Chapter ends with All Might entering a building along with Hawks, saying that he has gathered what is needed for the next plan.

If you don’t know then all of Shonen Jump manga are on a break and will only release after their holidays end! That said, we can’t say when the Spoilers will drop. Unlike One Piece MHA Spoilers don’t come as early.

I can’t wait to see what’s up with Chapter 339 after how Chapter 338 ended! What made the ending funnier is the fact that despite such lewd accident Deku didn’t change his facial expression. An absolute gem!

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