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My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Spoilers, Raw Scan

The WAR is here and so is My Hero Academia Chapter 324 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

I’m excited and also a bit sad.

Why? Because w are entering the final stage of the series with the War.

Only Horikoshi knows how the series will end and the aftermath of the War.

With this let’s look into MHA Chapter 324 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

MHA Chapter 344 Predictions

It takes enormous strength to go against someone who is strong and intimidating in every way you can thing of. We should cheer for Aoyama in that case.

He went against none other AFO himself, though with cold feet.

And coming at the predictions. Do I have to talk about it? It’s that simple!

The WAR is ON…

And the ending panel of Chapter 323 has enough evidence to back this.


The Heroes are ready, and the Villains are too…

We know that this is going to be a bloody War, and who will fight whom. Deku’s final opponent will be Shigaraki.

Endeavor and Todoroki will battle against Dabi. And of course Ochako will go against Toga.

What happens with AFO is a hard one to guess. The type of person he is, he would sacrifice even his closest ally to save himself. As he did with Shigaraki.

But, what is pushing AFO to such point? Is he that power hungry? I bet he is…

And the past conversation with OFA is a concrete proof of that…

Honestly though, Horikoshi is a genius. He can prove everyone wrong with his twisting revelations.

I’m saying this since I’ve seen this happening not once, but almost every time the community is suspecting something.

That’s the only prediction I have for now…

Which theory do you suggest?

Do let me know.

MHA Spoilers

  • Chapter 344 title: “Main Character.”
  • Chapter starts with a flashback of All Might in students’ dormitory, saying that searching AFO is useless.
  • It’s better to lure him out rather to search for a coward like him.
  • Everyone is happy that Aoyama will be a part of the plan, but Momo recalls what his parents told about him knowing they are lying.
  • Tsukauchi replies that they have already found an answer.
  • The conversation with AFO was always over voice and never face-to-face, hence, he must have a way to identify lies by tone of voice.
  • So Aizawa also thought of a way to make voice reach AFO’s ears without any hint of falsity.
  • Shinso enters the room and the students are filled with excitement.
  • Shinso explains that in order to enter the Hero course, he has strengthened his quirk and will be able to control Aoyama’s parents.
  • The students are happy and wondering about his Hero name.
  • Nezu says that although Shinso doesn’t have a provisional license, Mera from the public safety commission has given him permission to use his quirk.
  • Tokoyami wonders how they will be able to mobilize the Heroes if AFO still has search.
  • All Might says they don’t have to be in the same place.
  • Vlad, Aizawa, Monoma and Kurogiri are present in the central hospital.
  • Aizawa says it was All Mights’ request and Vlad asks if Monoma is ready to play such important role.
  • He teases Aizawa by saying that it seems like a joke to ask him to master such quirk in just few days.
  • Eraser apologizes and says that Kurogiri no longer responds and must not know who he really is.
  • Monoma says that he is used to hear that he could never become a real Hero with this quirk.
  • Cut back to the present with the Heroes coming out of the portals while Monoma laughs and boasts about his achievements.
  • Dabi advances towards Endeavor saying he didn’t expect to find him here and asks if he would like to watch his fellow heroes die first.
  • He shoots a huge amount of fire, but at the same time a giant iceberg is expelled from the portals. Shoto comes out of them right away and says that he will not let his idiot brother acts as he pleases.
  • Dabi notices his presence and starts laughing.
  • All Might shouts: “System Troy, On!!!” and we see huge metal constructs coming out of the ground, trapping the villains inside them.
  • AFO wonders why the Heroes did that knowing that they can destroy these things in seconds, but soon understands what the real intent is.
  • Tsukauchi tells All Might that this time they’ll be able to win with the plan he’s created.
  • Chapter ends with the metal cages begin to move and Monoma opens the portals once again, while AFO confirms that the plan is to separate the villains.

As you know, MHA Chapter 343 Spoilers came out just recently. Hence, it’s too early for any update.

Good thing is, the Spoilers usually come out on time. Sometimes WAY early than expected.

I’ll update the spoilers as soon as they are available…

Until then…

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