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One Piece Chapter 1042 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Straw Hats…Assemble. It’s time for One Piece Chapter 1042.

Damn, another blockbuster chapter from Oda. Hiyori finally reveals her true identity to Orochi.

But the real issue is with the CP0. They have got orders to finish the Straw Hats.

Aren’t you excited to see Luffy’s new technique?

Then let’s dive into One Piece Chapter 1042 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

Chapter 1042 Predictions

The most exciting event in the previous chapter is usually the focus of prediction. And here too Luffy’s new technique is my focus…

Quite a lot happened in Chapter 1040. Orochi being alive, the CP0 getting orders to finish the Straw Hats, and on top of everything Luffy finally unleashing a new technique “Gomu Gomu no Hydra.”

Since it’s Hydra, I’ve a feeling the new technique will let Luffy continue his attack even if Kaido stops one…

What I’m more interested is how it’ll look like! The Snakeman was interesting, but not that great in my opinion. And now that we are getting a new variant of the same technique, I hope it’s visually enchanting.

One Piece
Straw Hats Crew

Coming back to the orders CP0 got. One member of the CP0 is powerful enough to best several Samurais.

I wonder what will happen when all of those join the War and particularly focus on the Straw Hats…They defeated X-Drake though.

I guess Oda has found the best way to extend the War even further…

In the midst of all this we all are missing one thing: Kaido and Linlin’s past.

Oda is slowly reveling Kaido and Linlin’s past. At least we know something about Big Mom’s past, but nothing about Kaido…

Chapter 1041 Spoilers have come a little bit closer to the revelation….

Let’s see what happens!!


Nice, the Spoilers are here on time:

  • Chapter 1042 title: “Winners need no excuse.”
  • X-Drake goes again CP0 boss. Drake stabs CP0 boss, but in return he also gets stab in his throat with a Shigan.
  • Next we move on the Luffy vs Kaido.
  • Both Luffy and Kaido unleash new moves to pin down their opponent.
  • Luffy changes to “Boundman” and uses a new attack “Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Gun”. Kaidou on the other hand uses a new attack too called “Raihou Hakke.”
  • Chapter ends with the CP0 boss suddenly appearing before Luffy. His appearance distracts Luffy and Kaido hits him.
  • Kaido is shocked and extremely disappointed to see the same thing happening with Luffy that happened to Oden 20 years ago.

If you’ve read Chapter 1041 Spoilers, you probably know that One Piece is on BREAK NEXT WEEK…

I know it’s painful, but we’ll have to wait at least for few days for the latest Spoilers to appear. And you know it quite well that One Piece Spoilers appear way before the official chapter is released…

I’ll be back as soon as something is available.

Until then!!

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