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One Piece Episode 1009 Release Date, Time & Discussion

It’s time for One Piece Episode 1009 Release Date, Time and Discussion..

One word: Great Episode! Especially the times when Nami recalled her days when she met Luffy.

In fact, a lot of things happened in Episode 1009. With this, let’s look into some discussion!

Episode 1008 Recap

Unlike other episodes where a portion of the episode is spent on talks and flashbacks, Episode 1009 wasn’t anything like that!

The only flashback we got was of Nami. The times she first met Luffy and asked for help!

Like other episodes, this episode too was divided into 3 portion. The first portion was:

Marco vs Big Mom. The Second portion: Zoro and X Drake trying to snatch antidote from Apoo.

And, the Third portion, the main meat of the episode was Nami and Usopp’s struggle to save themselves from the two beast siblings. Though they couldn’t hide themselves for too long, Nami at least proved herself more useful than Sakura. 😛

And, the Grand Entrance of Otama was something I wasn’t expecting at all. On top of that what I’m more interested in is Otama’s special power. She can control any beast with her dumplings. Now, it’ll be even more interesting to watch whens he unleashes her technique to the Beast Pirates.

That’s it! The episode ended after that. If you watch One Piece regularly, you’ll see that as we are approaching towards to real portion of the story, the scenes are getting more serious and concentrated.

I’m only excited for the final battle, that is: Luffy vs Kaido..

Episode 1009 Release Date

Good news is that One Piece Episode 1009 is not on a break. Hence, the upcoming episode will release on Saturday, February 5.

Otama has entered the battlefield, and I think it’s the best time for her appearance. Not gonna lie, even though you read the manga several times, there’s a different enjoyment in watching the panels animated..

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