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My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Deku is still in coma, but, here too he is in a tough spot. You can say that he is having a virtual meeting with the previous holders of One-For-All. Though this is dream and Deku has little control over it. He have learnt quite something about the previous generation. What’s surprising is that Deku is the final holder of OFA and this may possibly the end of this quirk. Chapter 304 was full of information about the quirk, but, it ended with a serious note, and the inevitable question on whether he can defeat Shigaraki? With this, let’s look into Chapter 305 Spoilers, Raw Scans.


Meeting Previous Holders OF OFA

As I said before, most of Chapter 304 was a virtual meeting the with previous holders of OFA. Though we never get to get a view of the two holders, it was shocking to know that the 4th holder died not in battle field, but due to low life energy.

As we know that OFA and AFO are two of the strongest quirk in existence. Hence, to carry this burden, the holder will also need such capability. The 4th holder died because his body was not able to handle the strain the quirk was putting on.

Not only that, unknowingly he was training extremely and losing his life-energy in return. Yes, he was successful in building up power, but lost his life only at the age of 40.

All-Might made the quirk extremely powerful because he was quirkless and hence his body was able to absorb its power and make its own. Deku is also in the same situation.

There is a high chance that Deku will even surpass All-Might and will inherit all the previous holder’s power. This theory is far fetched, and we will only learn when chapters release.

The Final Question

At the end of the chapter, All-Might’s sensei asked Deku the burning question that we too are asking. “Can he kill Shigaraki?”

This question is really heavy for Nana as Shigaraki is her Grandson. As a Hero, it’s her duty to protect the world from threats even though it’s her Grandson.

After this panel reveal, My Hero Academia community started making various theories as to how things will end up?

Will Deku reply to this with an “Yes!”? or he will go the route of being a “Friend” and curing his mental illness?

But, the thing is whether Shigaraki is dead or not, he has already committed heinous crimes that will make him one of the most feared criminal in history. So, of his own good, he should die, or something even worse is waiting for him.

This may sound a bit rude, but, as of now, this is the most plausible solution.


MHA Chapter 304 was released few days ago. Hence, we will have to wait for few more days to get concrete updates on Spoilers of Chapter 305. As soon as Spoilers arrive, this page will be updated with the latest information.


Spoilers are out and a lot have happened in this one Chapter itself

  • Chapter title is “Midoriya Izuku & Shigaraki Tomura.”
  • Nana accepts that it’s too late to save Shigaraki and he needs to be killed, Hence, she asks Deku whether he can do it.
  • Banjo, the 5th user of OFA says that it doesn’t seem Shigaraki needs any help as he always had hatred in his eyes.
  • 6th user’s name is En which translates to Smoke.
  • Nana tells Deku that Shigaraki is her Grandson.
  • She repents and says: “I left my son alone to fight AFO and this is the result.”
  • We see a panel with Shigaraki with fully grown wings.
  • Deku says Nana that Shigaraki needs help because he saw him crying deep inside his heart.
  • A panel shows Kid Deku is helping Kid Tenko.
  • A panel with Gentle and La Brava.
  • 1st user is happy to hear Deku’s answer and Nana apologizes for testing him. Nana says Deku that Grand Torino is alive and asks him to send her regards.
  • 1st user says that OFA will become even more powerful is all the previous user share their powers. But, 2nd and 3rd users are not willing to co-operate.
  • The reason they are facing the wall is because they don’t want to co-operate and they still don’t see Deku as a worthy successor of OFA.
  • We still don’t get to see 2nd user’s face, but, we can partially see 3rd user’s face as he is listening to 1st.
  • Chapter ends with last line: “Next Chapter, The World Enters Into a New Stage!”
  • Chapter 306: “Revolution of Hero Society, At That Time What Deku and Friends Will Do?”

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