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Black Clover: Top 10 Best Fights In The Series. RANKED!!

Can you name all the battles that have happened in Black Clover? No? Exactly! There have been too many battles to count. Hence, in this post I’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Fights in Black Clover.

Some of the battle mentioned below are absolutely fantastic, while others are good as well…I haven’t set this list in according to the best battles…So please don’t go on thinking that the battle in (10) is the worst among all…

(1) The Battle Against Zagred

If the battle against Zagred wasn’t exciting enough, Yami just unleashed Dimension Slash Equinox and made everything even more exciting that before…What made Zagred absurdly powerful was Kotodama Magic. Controlling and summoning anything out of just words is just too OP.

Yami (Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash_ Equinox) Black Clover
Yami Dimension Slash Equinox

The battle against Zagred is simply one of the best written and animated event of Black Clover. There’s on doubt about it!

(2) Wizard King Vs Patolli/Patry

Wizard King Julius Novachrono have only fought two times in Black Clover. The first time was when Asta was kidnapped and the second was when the Eye of the Midnight Sun attacked. And every time he was insanely powerful.

Wizard King Vs Patolli/Patry

Honestly though, there’s wasn’t too much in this battle but two events changed everything. First was when Julius revealed his Grimoire, and the second when Patolli/Patry stabbed Julius. Well, at that point fans knew that all was over…Guess Tabata had a different plan.

(3) Yami Vs Vetto

Yami carries a breeze of badassry with himself. Always. And he “surpassed his limits” of badassry when he went against Vetto. His sheer presence was more than enough for BC fans to cheer (I did it too).

Yami Vs Vetto

If I’m not wrong, Yami unleashed Dimension Slash for the first time against Vetto? Correct me if I’m wrong.

(4) Mereoleona Vs Rhya

Mereoleona is the “One-san” of Black Clover. As of the writing, she is the oldest of all. She is almost the same age or just a little less than Acier Silva (Noelle’s mom). Keeping her history aside, the battle against Mereoleona and Rhya was intense. Rhya was overpowered repeatedly even though he had Imitation Magic.

Mereoleona Vs Rhya
Mereoleona Vs Rhya

An another factor that made Mereoleona insanely powerful in that battle was her mastery over fire. On top of that she was unfazed by any attacks and never expressed any fear of losing. Heck, she didn’t even care when she Rhya unleashed Asta’s Anti-Magic…Even though he couldn’t copy it.

(5) Knights Vs Elves

After the Eye of the Midnight Sun were successful in their mission. They unleashed the final phase of their attack. They hijacked every Knights’ consciousness and tried to cause harm to the Clover Kingdom. Fortunately a number of Knights overcame the hijack and a battle began after that.

Luck Possessed By Elf Black Clover
Luck Possessed By Elf

Soon battle turned into a full-blown War. Why is this war interesting and one of the best? We got to see many Knights unleash powers that they always kept hidden. Especially Dorothy Unsworth. She finally opened her eyes and unleashed her magic.

(6) Noelle Vs Vanica & Megicula

Black Clover community (including me) knew that the battle was inevitable. Megicula was going to Noelle’s final opponent. Unlike Zagred, Megicula is one of the highest ranking Devil and was impossible to defeat.

Noelle x Undine Black Clover

Fortunately, Noelle not only defeated Vanica but also slashed Megicula’s heart. Those few chapters were the peak of Black Clover and almost every week the manga would trend on Twitter…

(7) Wizard King Vs Eye Of The Midnight Sun

This incident was the first time when Wizard King showed what he was capable of. Dude annihilated everyone without even lifting his finger. How Humiliating is that for the enemies?

Time Magic Black Clover
Wizard King Vs Eye Of The Midnight Sun

The battle was short but BC community still remembers the first time when Julius unleashed some of his powers.

(8) Yami Vs Patolli/Patry

Yami had to face Patolli/Patry when he first revealed himself. This was a historic battle between Light and Dark. Though Patolli/Patry won against Yami, but Yami didn’t receive even a scratch.

Yami vs Patolli
Yami Vs Patolli/Patry

I got a subtle heart attack when I saw Patolli approaching Yami to finish him off. Two things would have happened. Either Yami would have died or he would have unleashed something insanely more powerful…

(9) Asta Vs Lucius Zogratis

Yes, this is the battle we all BC fans are eagerly waiting for. As of writing this, the battle has began and has already picked up pace. I have a strong feeling that Tabata will push extremely hard to make this the best battle in Black Clover.

Lucius Zogratis vs Asta Black Clover
Asta Vs Lucius Zogratis

Do you think Tabata will make the Final Arc good? Or will he mess-up?

(10) Asta & Yami Vs Dante

The image you see below defines the relationship between Yami and Asta. It has been years and Asta has earned enough reputation and respect from Yami. So much so that he handed his sword to him to slash Dante.

Yami Gives Asta His Sword
Asta & Yami

Yami & Asta against Dante was the first time when these two fought together. Of course Yami is way more stronger, but Asta too did a great job and almost killed Dante. The Spade Kingdom probably wouldn’t have been this intense if Zenon did appear.

Conclusion & FAQ

In Conclusion, the battle against Dante was the best fight in Black Clover. There’s only one battle left (I guess) in the manga, and I hope that’ll be the best of all.

Which Is The Best Fight In Black Clover?

Asta & Yami Vs Dante is the best fight in Black Clover.

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