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Jujutsu Kaisen 135 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

The Shibuya Arc is coming to and end and, oh boy! what an arc it was. Gojo being sealed, several curses dying and Sukuna unleashing his curse in Tokyo. It feels like an altogether different manga. Jujutsu Kaisen started with a funny and comical scenario and here we are now, with many sorcerers either dead or their status unknown. But, the arc took a completely different turn when Geto appeared in front of Mahito. What followed later was unexpected and horrific. Let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 135 Spoilers and Leaks.

Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen in on a break this week and Chapter 135 will officially release on January 17. There is no preview available of the upcoming chapter, only that, Choso will now try to attack Geto and an unknown curse has appeared to help Geto. Well! either it is a curse or not will be revealed in the upcoming chapter.


Vague leaks are out, and it seems like we are in for more action now.

  • Tsukumo Yuki appears, and say “What type of girl is your type?”.
  • Geto is displeased after seeing Yuki. (Probably, Yuki is extremely powerful.)

That’s it for the leaks for now.

If you don’t know who Yuki is, she is Todo’s Sensei. Hence, the same phrase “What type of girl is your type?”


Maximum Uzumaki

The community is talking about how Jujutsu Kaisen’s creature very cleverly inserted an eater egg with this technique called “Maximum Uzumaki.”

If You don’t know, “Uzumaki” is a famous horror manga series from acclaimed manga artist Junji Ito. The series is an masterpiece of art as most of the horror element of represented with spirals(Uzumaki).

While Geto unleashed his cursed technique “Maximum Uzumaki,” the art was strikingly similar to Junji Ito’s art.

Coming back to how powerful is the technique, it’s extremely powerful. Geto, before using the technique, explains that:

Maximum Uzumaki is a technique where Geto combines all cursed spirits into one and hits his opponent with super condensed cursed energy.

Hence, even if the technique’s innate power is low, the combination works as a boost to its effectiveness.

Will Kusakabe Unleash His Power?

While Geto is someone with extremely powerful cursed techniques, the students of Tokyo and Kyoto are also not far behind. But, since Geto is using cursed techniques in a different way, the students have little option left.

And, since Gojo Sensei is sealed, there is no one powerful and capable enough to counter Geto.

Among all the sorcerers, Kusakabe is someone whose powerful has a good claim, but, we haven’t ever seen it in action. And now that his students are in danger he has appeared.

It will be interesting to see if Kusakabe clashes with Geto.

Noritoshi Kamo

This is a new name we have heard and, it seems this person, whoever he is hasn’t got a good name in sorcerer’s community. You might have noticed that Geto has a stick mark on his forehead. It was revealed that person we are seeing as Geto is not the real Geto who was killed by Gojo, rather an impostor.

It is later revealed that Noritoshi Kamo was a blot in the Kamo clan, and the evilest sorcerer in history.

Suguru Geto
Suguru Geto: Fandom

He was infamous for his illegal experiments and this experiments have led him to leave such long years. The person who is now controlling Geto’s body is none other than Noritoshi Kamo and his age is not less than 150 years .

Itadori’s New Brother?

In a rather unexpected move, Choso suddenly declares Itadori as his brother. This is the second brother Itadori has got after Todo’s declaration. The community is already making this incident a funny one with comments such as:

“Itadori lost everything, but gained a Brother.”
“Now it’s a tough competition between Todo and Choso.”
“Good to see some Bromance in the midst of a crisis.”

This will be interesting to know as to how this “Brotherly” relation functions.

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