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The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED Episode 11 Release Date, Watch Online.

Now that we are nearing the end of the Anime, Balance Unlimited is getting even more serious and complex. In the previous episode of The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited we saw Daisuke falling into trouble after his electromagnetic suite was disabled by Weinski and Kato struggling with his past trauma. Now, let’s see what in Episode 10 of Balance Unlimited.

Release Date:

The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED episode 11 will release on Thursday, 24 September. The anime is not on hiatus and is running on schedule. 

Balance Unlimited Episode 10 RECAP:  

Daisuke vs Weinski:

Episode 9 ended with Weinski deactivating Daisuke’s safety suite and then going on the attack him, and mortally wounding him in fight. Weinski does not know that Kato is on the Ship. Kato tries to shoot a bullet on Weinski but his hands shivers, because of the trauma he has of the past. Though he could not overcome his trauma yet, Daisuke signals him to drop a container hoping to kill him. But, Weinski does not die.

The Worst Father:

Shigemaru pays Weinski 100 million to “Teach a Lesson” to Daisuke. Weinski and his soldiers tails Kato and Daisuke to kill them, but they are saved. Suzue delivers the wireless device to Daisuke to communicate with him and guides him to the engine room.

They discover that the signal interference was happening due to the presence of Allodium and it was the same material powering the ship.

Daisuke tries to disable the cooling system but, Weinski stops him.

This is where Daisuke encourages Kato and finally Kato is able to come out of his trauma.

In the end they are able to subdue Weinski and arrest Shigemaru. But, Shigemaru escapes from them after unleashing weapons. In the end scene we see Shigemaru entering his own house.


To conclude, we can say that it is done for Shigemaru. There are only two option left for Shigemaru. Either he will commit suicide or he will be arrested.

This was a great journey of a series that was not adapted from any manga, but a noble written years ago.

The sad part is we won’t get any Second Season, as pretty much the part of Daisuke being a cop is over.

These great series are not one time watch and they come not always.

Where to Watch Balance Unlimited:

You can watch Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited on these streams :



The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited is an anime series taken from a 1978 novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Tomohiko Itō directed the series under studio CloverWorks.

The story centers around Daisuke Kambe, who is a man of honor and pride. In addition to that, he possesses an exorbitant amount of wealth. Daisuke is a detective and when he is sent to the Modern Crime Prevention HQ, he teams up with Karu Katou and they both solve cases. But, Haru always complains about how Daisuke uses his wealth to solve cases, and uses fewer brains.

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