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The God of High School Episode 12 Release Date, Watch Online.

Lately, Manhwa is getting quite an attention after the successful response from Tower of God. The next in the line is God of High School. The God of High School is a South Korean web Manhwa penned and illustrated by Yongje Park. The serialization started in 2011 under the Naver Webtoon Platform. The web manhwa got its English translation in 2014 by Line Webtoon. With this, let’s look into what is there for us in episode 12.

Release Date:

The God of High School Episode 12 will release on Monday, 21 September. 

There is no news on episode delay and every episode will premiere as scheduled.

Recap of Episode 11:

Episode 11 of The God of High School had a lot for us. Since, the Anime of not following the actual manga plot, it is really fast paced and followers of this Manhwa are already annoyed.

Though the Anime if missing the depth, it would be unfair to declare that the Anime is also not intensive.

Episode 10 ended with Ilpyo waking up his Charyeok and getting ready to fight against Mori, for those who haven’t read the Webtoons version, it would seem obvious that Mori would be defeated, but, what Mori has under his sleeves is totally out of the world. It is yet not clear as to what was that Mori used to defeat Ilpyo, but, one thing is clear, Mori will be the most powerful character in The God of High School.

After the fight is over, Mori goes to Ilpyo to meet him after their fight. But, as they are talking, Jeon Jugok, who was defeated by Taek, transfrom into a monster and starts attacking Taek. But, he is defeated and as a collateral damage, Seungah and Hyeonbok lose there Arm and Leg respectively. The episode ends with Ilpyo getting raged out of control and attacking Taek.

The God of High School Episode 12 Speculation :

If you read the Webtoons version of The God of High School you will know that many scenes of the Anime are different and follow a different story than the Webtoons series.

What we can speculate for the next episode is that Teak will get beating hard by Ilpyo for his misadventures. Since, Ilpyo has also woken up his Charyeok we can hope for an intense fight, though that may not happen.

In, the end we see that Jeon Jugok striking back again with his other worldly gate and unleashing monsters from the other world. Park Mujin actively monitors the situation and announces that “As for now The God of High School is over.”

Where to Watch:

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The story centers around the main protagonist Jin Mori, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul. Mori is intrigued when he learns that whoever wins The God of High School tournament, will have any wish fulfilled.

Other than being a famous manhwa, the series has also received its own mobile game, OVA. The popularity of the series exploded when Studio MAPPA announced an Anime in July 2020.

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