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Does Genos Really Die In One Punch Man? Can Saitama Revive Him?

I learned about One Punch Man back in 2017 when I stumbled upon the video where Genos challenges Saitama to fight “seriously.” The animation quality blew me, and of course how can I forget how close was Genos to death!

I can’t believe five years later I’ll discuss about Genos’ death and that too on a serious note…Saitama has finally questioned his ability as a Hero, and the man has finally snapped.

This is honestly the worst cliffhanger I’ve experienced lately. Hence, in this post I’ll try to explain every possible scenario about Genos’ status. Whether he is dead, or whether he will return back.

With this, let’s Go…


Will Saitama Finally Lose?

What makes Awakened Garou more dangerous than Boros is his instant adaptability. What happens when Saitama goes against himself is out of my imagination. Even Blast admitted that the serious punch can obliterate Earth.

And that sparked a speculation among One Punch Man fans about the possibility that Saitama might finally have a worthy opponent. Some are even going to the point of saying that Saitama will finally lose.

I am partially sure about this. If you can recall, we have only seen two serious series. Serious Punch and Series Side-Jump. And since Saitama is a hero, he must have some other moves too. Now, whether Awakened Garou will be able to maintain Saitama’s speed is a question!

On the other hand, this is also the first time I’ve seen Saitama expressing emotion towards someone. And that might also give him a reason to fight.

Did Genos Really Die?

When Awakened Garou crushed Genos’ heart, I knew that Saitama would go insanely mad! And that’s exactly what happened. I have never seen Saitama release “Serious Series” so early in a battle against a powerful opponent.

Though the chapter ended right after that, there are various theories that suggest that Genos is NOT DEAD.

The first and foremost is the webcomic where the original story is adapted from. The story between the webcomic and manga is completely different. And the webcomic didn’t show anything similar to that of the manga.

Saitama Serious One Punch Man
Saitama’s Face After Genos’ Death

The next reason why Genos isn’t dead just yet is an armor that most important character always wears. Yeah, it’s the “plot armor.”
Jokes aside, I think after the battle between Saitama and Awakened Garou is over, Genos will slowly get up and reveal that in the last moment he ordered the doctor to change the location of his core…And that decision literally changed his life.

These are few of the theories I have…

What theories do you have? I’m really eager to know…

Can Saitama Revive Him?

If the worst happens and Genos really dies, then I don’t think there’s any way he is coming back! Well, the S-class hero Child Emperor can do something about it, but I don’t think he is intelligent and skilled enough to bring back a departed soul…

Even the No.1 hero Blast wouldn’t be able to do anything if Genos dies…

And the question whether Saitama can revive Genos doesn’t come into play because Saitama is a brute who doesn’t use much brain…Hence, doing something at a level more skilled than Child Emperor or Metal Knight is almost impossible.

What Happens If Genos Dies For Real?

If the manga is following the same storyline as of webcomic, then Genos won’t die.

Now, if the mangaka suddenly thinks to change his decision and completely sway away from the main story then we have nothing to do! But that won’t happen because Genos is one of the main characters who fills the gap of Saitama’s uninterested attitude towards everything.

It’s like what happens with Boruto. Boruto anime and manga has completely different storyline. Few characters from Boruto in the anime are not present in the manga. But that doesn’t mean the mangaka or the animators would just kill off an important character…

What’s you say on this?


So, in conclusion, if we go by the webcomic, Genos won’t die. And since he is one of the main characters in the series, the mangaka won’t just kill him off.

Now, it’ll be pretty interesting how Murata presents this battle between Saitama and Awakened Garou/God. At least we now have finally learned that Saitama cares for Genos even though he never expresses it!

Did Genos Die In One Punch Man?

No, Genos won’t die in One Punch Man.

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