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Black Clover Chapter 315 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Finally after so many chapters, we got to have some update on Yami’s status. Good thing is that he’s alive. But, the bad thing is we don’t yet know what’s up with William! The Second Gate is opened and more Devil have emerged in the Human Realm!

I can’t wait for this arc to get animated. With this, let’s look into Chapter 315 Spoilers, Raw Scans.


If you ask me, Chapter 314 was one of the finest I’ve read in a while! The hype was real from the point the chapter began until it ended! It seems Mereoleona doesn’t need any helping hand. She alone is more than enough to defeat an ancient demon. She is easily one of the strongest character in the series.

Now that Lucifero has returned, it seems that the final battle against the Demons has begun. The Second Gate is already open and the Human world is flooding with even more powerful demons. But you know what’s more funnier and interesting at the same time? The Black Bulls have used the same attack they used when Dante made his appearance way back!

They have transformed their castle into a giant Bull. I wonder where’s Asta? It’s been quite a time since he has used any power! I think Black Clover community was right. Tabata is paying more focus to other characters and giving them more time to grow.

Talking about Chapter 315 Predictions, I think we will go back again to the battle between Yuno and Zenon. Though Yuno has taken good lead, it’s not clear how long will this power last! Unlike Dante Zenon hasn’t yet been defeated. Hence, it’s still unclear how powerful will be his Demon if it takes a physical form!

On the other hand, since Megcula has been defeated, there’s nothing interesting to focus on. The best they can do at present is to return to where Mereoleona or somewhere else.


Okay, the Spoilers are out and it seems the Black Bulls are on fire!

  • Chapter 315 Title: Big Decisive Battle
  • Chapter starts with Black Bulls vs Lucifero
  • Nacht says that Lucifero’s transformation is still incomplete and saving the Captains should stop it.
  • Mereoleona and Fuegoleon are able to withstand Lucifero’s gravity magic. Rest of these two, everybody is on the ground.
  • Though the Black Bulls are attacking Lucifero, his magic is two powerful. Even Henry is struggling to absorb all of it. On the other hand, Vanessa is too busy in saving the team with her magic!
  • In the end the giant Black Bulls gets destroyed, but they are still not heart-broken.
  • They probably are waiting for Asta to arrive in the scene.
  • Chapter ends with Asta appearing with Yami’s Katana.

Black Clover Chapter 314 just came out. Hence, it’s too early for any new spoiler. The good thing though is that Black Clover is not on a break. I’m sure the leak will happen as soon as the scans are available. Let’s have patience until then!

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