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10 Strongest Black Clover Antagonist Of All Time

Black Clover is on fire right now. The manga has also entered the final arc and things are cooking even hotter…Before we move on the the final act, how about we recall the top 10 Strongest Villains in the manga?

Yes, there are more than 10 villains, but these 10 in the list below are THE most powerful in the series…

Well, I won’t take more of time, let’s dive in…


(10) Rhya

Rhya is the type of antagonist whom you just can’t hate. He has too much class and also doesn’t have a toxic attitude. But Rhya’s magical ability is really frustrating! He can copy anyone’s magical ability and use it as if it’s his. He was able to fight Mereoleona even when she was going all out against him.

Rhya Black Clover

Fortunately, he didn’t die in the end and also joined hands with Black Bull members to help them become more powerful!

(9) Vetto

Vetto belonged to the Eye of the Midnight Sun. More than just raw physical prowess, he was insane terrifying! Not a single Black Bull member was able to beat him. He even crushed Asta’s hand and also cursed it!

Vetto Black Clover

Finally Yami had to “surpass his limits” and unleash “Dimension Slash” to split his body in half.

(8) Patolli/Patry

Patolli/Patry was the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. I suppose you already know why he set-up the group? He wanted to crush the Human for what they did to the elves! Unfortunately he didn’t know that everything was done by Zagred!

Licht Black Clover
Patolli (Licht)

Patry was pretty strong! He not only fought Julius Novachrono, but was also able to struck his body with his sword. I know Julius was not using 100% of his powers, yet Patry was keeping up pretty well!

(7) Vanica Zogratis

Vanica Zogratis (with Megicula) is also quite powerful and hard to defeat. Why wouldn’t it be like that? She was one of the most important soldiers in Spade Kingdom with his other siblings, Dante and Zenon. She is the the one directly responsible for Acier Silva’s death.

Black Clover Megicula (Vanica)
Vanica Zogratis

So we knew from the beginning that the one who was going to defeat was Noelle. And that’s what happened.

(6) Zagred

Zagred was the first Devil to make an appearance in Black Clover. In fact this dude is the reason behind a LOT of events that happened in the series. Most than having physical and magical powers, Zagred was an intelligent devil.

Black Clover Zagred

He single-handedly destroyed the great relation between the elves and Human. He is also directly responsible for the demise of the Elf clan! Though Asta landed the final blow, it was Yami who did the real work!

(5) Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis was the leader of the Three Dark Triads and also the Devil host Lucifero. Besides having evil intentions for humanity he also commanded Lucifero’s Gravity magic.

Black Clover Dante
Dante Zogratis

Surprisingly so, he was defeated not once but twice. He sure is going to the deepest part of hell.

(4) Zenon Zogratis x Beelzebub

Honestly speaking, Zenon was the only Zogratis sibling whose attitude was tolerable! He was serious and didn’t talk any nonsense, only work! Even though Dante had the powers of Lucifero, it was Zenon who was more powerful in hand-to-hand battle.

Zenon Black Clover
Zenon Zogratis

In fact, if you can recall it correctly, Dante was defeated not once but twice! But in Zenon’s case, he not not only killed a number of Golden Dawn Knights, but also took Willaim and Yami with him. Worse, he didn’t even experience any serious damage like Dante.

(3) Vanica x Megicula

When Astaroth suddenly disappeared from Demon Realm Megicula took his spot. She manifested in her full-form when Vanica’s physical body was destroyed in attack. Though she looks like a little girl, her magical presence is terrifying.


It took not one but the best magic knights of both Clover Kingdom and Heart to finally kill her. Even while dying she didn’t express any sense of pain on her face!

(2) Lucifero

Lucifero is the strongest Demon in existence. He rules over Gravity magic and can crush anyone just with his insanely evil presence! Asta had to really work hard to beat him. Heck Luci was already powerful when he possessed Dante.

Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed

What’s ridiculous is that he didn’t even when his heart was taken from him! If taking his heart out didn’t kill him, then I don’t know what will!

(1) Lucius Zogratis x Astaroth

Lucius Zogratis and Astaroth’s combination is the latest one in this list. Lucius is the last of the Zogratis siblings and probably the most powerful one so far. The Demon of time Astaroth has been sleeping inside Julius and waiting to reveal it’s true nature.

Lucius Zogratis Black Clover
Lucius Zogratis

Mixing Julius’ magical power with Astaroth’s time magic makes a disastrous combination of evil magical energy. Who knows how the story will unfold in the first place. But, I’m sure we are waiting for a hell LOT of death at the end of the manga.

Honorable Mention

Here is the honorable mention:


Or better say “Lord” Sekke. Jokes apart, he is the type of character who keeps the story balanced when things become too serious! He has the type of character who falls into the worst situation. Always.

But that does not mean he is here just to be made fun of! He really tried to destroy Asta’s life by poisoning him (Chapter 3).

Sekke Black Clover
Sekke Bronzazza

I did not include Sekke because he deserves a spot in this! Rather I wanted to finish this post with a finny note…If you are are a regular Black Manga manga reader, you’ll know how heavily Sekke is trolled whenever he makes a presence…

Conclusion & FAQ

I know I haven’t include the other Devils from the Spade Kingdom arc, but those Devils weren’t as powerful as the Villains in the list above.

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