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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Watch Online.

It seems the War between Humans and Xenos have come to and end with Episode 8. Danmachi Season 3 showed us a new life form living underground. Though they are Monsters, they have a similarities with Humans. But, we know, in a Fantasy series things are not always happy and loving. With this, let’s look into Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date.

Release Date

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9 will Release on Friday, November 27 (PDT). The preview of the next episodes was not shown, but since the War is over between the Humans and Xenos, it will be interesting to see what Ouranos decides.


Unlucky Dix

Dix was the Second in Command of the Ikelos Familia and also the mastermind of the whole “Black Market” idea. When the War started against the Humans, Dix was the one who incited Xenos against each other, but who knew he would die such a cruel death.

If we try to recall the previous episodes, everything was executed as Dix planned, but he never new that Bell and Fels would destroy his party.

In Episode 7 we saw Dix getting injured and after that making a run of it. But, his luck ran out in Episode 8. In the very beginning of the Episode we see Asterius slashing Dix with his Axe and hence ending the cursed Generation.

The Raging Bull

The Raging Bull here is Asterius. He is powerful enough to pin down 3 of Loki Familia who are considered on the strongest. Not only that, Asterius was also able to injure Aiz, who is also considered the most skilled fighters.

Asterius is the pawn of Xenos and he also killed Dix. What will happen to him is really a matter of question from now on. It’s also a question whether he will live since Aiz severed his Right Arm.

Wiene’s Death & Miracle

Let’s be honest, we knew this was coming. When Bell found Wiene, she was in her Xenos form and not Monster form. But, since she is the focus of this Season, something wrong was sure to happen.

All the Ikelos Familia, specially Dix, was hell-bent to kill Wiene. In Episode 8 we see that a group of wizards attacking heavily and Wiene and Bell falling into the underground as a consequence.

But, After Wiene dies, Fels unleashes his/her ultimate magic which he/she is trying to master since 800 years. It’s resurrection magic. After Fels is successful, Wiene comes back to her usual form and hence, the episode ends here.

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