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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Spoilers Reveal Mikey’s Parents

Tokyo Revengers is one of the best manga series to read if you love a balance between action and emotional connection. The story connects us readers with the characters pretty well!

But, there’s one character about whom we really love to learn, and that’s Mikey!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Spoilers have finally revealed Mikey’s Parents, and how they died.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Spoilers

  • Chapter 263 title: Be Strong.
  • Chapters starts with a kid Mikey and his Dad giving a present. That’s the only time we see him.
  • Mikey’s dad died when he was only three years old.
  • Next panels show that Mikey’s mom is in hospital.
  • She probably has terminal illness (not mentioned).
  • His mother also dies soon.
  • Both his parents’ death completely changed Mikey’s personality and he became the person he is today.
  • Few panel contain Mikey beating big guys, way older than him.
  • Last panels we see Mikey meeting Draken for the first time.

Chapter 263 Discussion

So, we have finally learned why Mikey became so ruthless from such a young age. He considers crying a weakness, and since he grew up without having his parents with him, he had no one to guide him.

On top of that having insane physical strength also helped him accelerate his violent childhood. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn much about his parents, only that both of them passed away when he was little.

Finally Mikey has met Draken, his best friend! I’m suspecting we are going to see a lot of chapters about Mikey’s past now…

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