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Black Bull Strongest Members. Ranked!

Who is the strongest Black Bull Member in Black Clover? Of course each of them has unique powers, yet having the same prowess is impossible.

Hence, today I’ll list all the Black Bull members according to their overall powers…


13 Strongest Black Bull Members List

This is the list of all the Strongest Black Bull Members:

(13) Henry

Henry’s magical powers is a curse for him. He can never stay in front of anyone because they will e soon robbed of all their magical energy. He is the man behind maintaining the Black Bull headquarter. He is the weakest magic knight in Clover Kingdom.

Henry Black Clover

There’s nothing much to talk about him as he is just weak physically, but has considerable magical energy. He can insidiously defeat an enemy even without them knowing the exact reason.

(12) Finral

Finral’s Spatial Magic is best used for reaching places within seconds. He does the same thing whenever we have seen him in the anime/manga. He is definitely weaker than other Black Bull members.

Finral Black Clover

You can compare Finral with Gauche because both of them are catalyst. Their powers are not directly used but is extremely helpful when mixed with other magic techniques…

(11) Gordon

Gordon is the most neglected one who loves to spend his life in loneliness. He wants to interact with people but every time he tries, he gets overwhelmed by someone else. Gordon has poison magic that he can inflict considerable damage to enemies.

Gordon Black Clover

He worked hard with his dad to not only increase his attack powers but also learned to use poison as a healing element.

(10) Gauche

Gauche’s magical ability is best suited as a catalyst. He doesn’t have much physical strength, but he is way more intelligent than other Black Bull members. He has mirror magic and as you know mirrors can multiply anything.

Gauche Black Clover

He used his magical techniques to create countless doppelgangers of Asta and then attacked Dante. He can also use countless mirrors to critically injured an enemy. He is relatively weaker than other Black Bull Members because he lacks enough physical strength.

(9) Zora

Zora’s magic is unique but it has some MAJOR flaws! He has to set trap before entering a battle and then wait for his opponent to come in close proximity to it. This technique is not only a hassle but also extremely risky when the land is unknown or the opponent is extremely strong!

Zora Black Clover

I think Zora was deliberately nerfed because of his badass attitude. Maybe Black Clover creator (Yuki Tabata) thought the attention might shift from Asta to Zora…

(8) Grey

Grey is nowhere when it comes to offensive powers. She never attacks anyone! But she has a power that is probably the most unique in the Clover Kingdom. It’s not even healing, but controlling anything at its subatomic levels. We got to see her power in action when Dante severely injured Gauche.

Grey Black Clover

I don’t know whether she will ever use her powers for offensive purpose, but if she did she could beat anyone with just touch. An insta-kill!

(7) Magna

Honestly speaking, before the Spade Kingdom arc, Magna was the least liked Black Bull member. Not only was he just weak, his volatile personality made him look immature. But we fans were caught in surprised when he went head-to-head against Dante and defeated him!

Magna Black Clover

His has attained mastery over his techniques, and I guess he deserves this high ranking!

(6) Secre (Nero)

Sealing magic has always been one of the most dreaded magic systems in manga universe. Even the strongest character cannot escape such magic. Secre (Nero) is an expert in sealing magic where she can seal even an opponent who is way more tougher than her!

Secre(Nero) Black Clover
Secre (Nero)

She also intelligently sealed Asta’s weakness and exhaustion during the final battle against Zagred. She played a major role in preserving the 1st Wizard King for more than 500 years. That’s some real mastery over energy…

(5) Charmy

Charmy is harmless when she stays in her chubby form. She is insanely cute too! But, when things go wrong, she can also take a fierce form. Her power jumps up multifold and her opponent is caught off-guard.

Beautiful Female Character In Black Clover Charmy
Charmy (Awakened)

She is highly proficient in not just offence but also defense. Also, she can do miraculous mana recovery with her food…

(4) Noelle

If there’s someone who has really grown in the Black Bulls, it’s Noelle. She was the weakest among all when she became a magic knight, but today she has become as powerful as her mom was! In fact I would say she is stronger.

Noelle Black Clover

She defeated Megicula in the Spade Kingdom arc. What’s surprising is that the girl who was unable to cast even a single spell properly is now powerful enough to beat one of the highest ranking devil!

(3) Luck

Luck is The Flash of Black Clover and also the one with the most energy within. His electric powers makes him insanely fast and the opponent doesn’t get a chance to suppress his attacks.

Luck Black Clover

In the anime/manga also we have seen him always craving to fight. He unleashed his full strength when he fought against Vanica’s subordinates.

(2) Vanessa

Though Vanessa isn’t good enough for offensive battles, but her power is broken (too OP) if you ask me! She can reverse time and divert someones death altogether. She ha got the most unique technique among all Black Bulls Members.

Vanessa Black Clover

Vanessa is a witch, hence, I have a strong hunch that she will grow more powerful than her mom, who is the Queen of the witches.

(1) Asta

Asta is unarguably the strongest Black Bull member are present. I haven’t included Yami because is he the Captain! Heck I won’t like when I say that Asta will surpass Yami is future. The manga have already hinted this countless times.

Black Clover Asta Devil

And now that Black Clover has entered the final arc, we will see him REALLY grow not only as a Knight, but also as a Human Being…

Conclusion & FAQ

In conclusion, Asta is the strongest Black Bull. And now that Black Clover has entered final arc and have a time-skip he has become even more stronger than before.

If we focus on Vanessa, then her powers are pretty unique! She can reverse time that makes her and everyone close to her practically immortal!

Who Is The Strongest Black Bull Member In Black Clover?

Asta is the Strongest Black Bull Member in Black Clover.

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