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My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Spoilers, Raws Scans

MHA is quickly approaching its end, and hence, things are now beginning to heat-up even more than before. Deku has taken the backseat after Chapter 322, and his friends will do the job. In fact, I think since it’s the end of the series, each and every Hero will concentrate on defeating AFO.

Chapter 322 was surprising after the Bakugo revelation, but, it increased his reputation among readers. One thing to notice is that, despite his rude and aggressive behavior, Bakugo is not hated, and has substantial fanbase.

Well, the real action has just begun, and I can’t be more excited to learn what will MHA Chapter 323 Spoilers, Raw Scans reveal.

Chapter 322 Recap

Class A have secured Deku after insane struggle. This easily explains how powerful Deku has become is such short amount of time. But, if this wasn’t enough, Deku’s isn’t getting the welcome he deserves.

Bakugo’s confession attracted more eyeballs and he quickly became the talk of most community channels. Honestly, it’s good to see that Bakugo has finally shown some maturity by publicly kneeling in front of Deku. I think that was the trigger that finally moved Deku’s heart and he stopped. But, the average public doesn’t understand all these. They are more focused on their lives, and that’s expected.

No, it’s not that the Heroes are humiliating him, but, it’s the city people who don’t want to have the boy around who attracts “bad luck.” They know that Shigaraki is on a lookout for Deku and hence, they don’t want to experience the same disaster as before.

And, there is nothing else in this Chapter. The chapter is basically divided into two parts.

Chapter 323 Predictions

Well, Deku is back at UA, but, this is not the usual UA building we are used to. After the massive scale attack that happened, UA building has literally become a fortress. I don’t think the building would have taken this form ever before.

They way Chapter 322 ended, most probably the next chapter will focus Deku and the future plan. When this final arc began, Horikoshi said that Uraraka and Bakugo will play an important role. It seems the time has come.

Bakugo’s confession and Uraraka’s determined face is a hint that the “real stuff” will now begin. I have a personal demand. Horikoshi should not only focus on UA, but also other schools. There are other great students as well on the other side.


Spoilers are out finally, and it’s a big one:

  • Chapter 323 title: “One Step.”
  • Chapter 323 begins with a flashback. The students are at the principal’s office. This flashback is from the time before they went to capture Deku. Iida recalls the principal’s words about proving how effective U.A. Barrier is.
  • But, Iida thinks that bringing back Deku peacefully would calm the civilians.
  • To which Nezu disagrees siting the Deku is currently the Heroes’ trump card, hence protecting him without any security would be extremely risky. After the Tartarus incident happened, Nezu upgraded U.A’s security system. Now the U.A is not only a barrier, but can also change its position.
  • Whole campus has been broken into small areas, but they are interconnected. As soon as any sign of intrusion is detected, all these areas will be transported to an underground shelter, and from there they can escape to various random routes across the country.
  • Kaminari is at awe and says that the systems seems to come out straight from a robot anime. Nezu further explains the whole system. It’s not just that going underground is the only security, the whole underground surrounding U.A. is covered with three thousand layers of fortified metal plates. Any unverified movement detected in any one of them will trigger the security system and the transportation devices.
  • Addition to that, the plates also stops physical attacks and give students and civilians extra time to get to underground shelter. Good news is that other schools are also connected by these underground routes, like Shiketsu.
  • Tokoyami asks about the metal plates and says that it seems like those are made especially to deal with Shigaraki’s decay. He then asks the principal about the reason he was already working on this even before the cultural festival. The principal jokes that he likes to spend money, but then explains that he is very cautious and even small steps may feel illogical at first, but, in future they can be essential.
  • Back to the present day, with the civilians refusing to let Deku in, Deku’s mother, Bakugo’s mother, Jirou’s parents, Eri in the dorms with Class B ,and Kouta with Mandalay are shown. Everyone is seen concerned. No. 13 comments that some people were convinced by Nezu’s speech, but most of them weren’t.
  • Mic is shouting at the civilians. Jeanist appears and talks directly to the civilians about the whole situation, about how Deku was used as a bait to attract Villains and it didn’t work. He says that even though Deku is Shigaraki’s target, he is also the Heroes’ greatest weapon. He knows that it’s the ideal situation, but says it’s the best they can do and asks them to let Midoriya enter.
  • This talk backfires and the civilians are now more pissed than before, saying that the country is in chaos because the Heroes failed, and now that they failed again, they want to force the civilians to take the risk.
  • Uraraka takes Mic’s megaphone, uses her quirk on herself and float over the protesters, landing straight to the U.A.’s rooftops.
  • She begins her speech by saying that Deku does indeed have a special power. To this the civilians respond by saying that this is exactly why he can’t stay in U.A., but Uraraka says that it was entirely Deku’s thought. He tried to push himself away so desperately that he had to be taken back.
  • She asks the civilian to take a good look at how Deku looked like after taking all the burden upon himself. We see some panels showing his claw-like hands & feet. Some civilians gasp in shock as they discover this.
  • She continues saying that Deku is the one who wants to make the situation right as quick as possible, and thus he kept moving away for other people’s sake, even though he knew he could face attacks anytime.
  • Lastly, the giant woman Deku saved few chapters ago (Chapter 310) appears and recognizes him. Uraraka says that having a special power doesn’t make Midoriya special. Bakugo then appears on Deku’s side, saying that civilians rioting even while ignoring the security system is an example of what he told him in the previous chapter, of something Deku himself can’t handle by himself and needs to leave it to them.
  • Chapter ends with an internal monologue of Nezu, acknowledging that taking the first step is always hard. However, he also thinks that this step in specific will lead to the birth of a Hero who will surpass All Might. Uraraka is also seen screaming in the rain.

MHA is on break like most manga are. From One Piece to Jujutsu Kaisen, each and every manga is on a break. According to the official Viz website, it’s still 9 days until Chapter 323 is released.

Well, nothing to worry, since the Spoilers come out pretty early every time. One Piece spoilers are already out, so I won’t be surprised if MHA spoilers are out too.

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