Dr Stone Season 3

Dr. Stone Season 3: New World Coming In 2023

There are not many anime lately that receive not one but three anime season. Dr. Stone is one them.

Crunchyroll and the official Twitter handle of Dr. Stone revealed new information about the upcoming new sesaon.

Dr. Stone Season 3: New World will release in 2023. Season 3 will feature the Exploration Arc.

Toho Animation’s YouTube channel also streamed a 10 second video of the anime featuring real-life forest and other landscape. Yeah, that’s not way the real animation, only a teaser to show that Senku is returning!

This announcement fits perfectly with the latest streaming announcement of “Dr. Stone: Ryushi.” Crunchyroll is streaming the latest episode where Ryushi will be introduced.

Ryushi plays a vital role not in the Exploration Arc, but also the manga thereafter…

About Dr. Stone

The world has come to a standstill(pun intended) after a sudden supernatural phenomena caused the entire world to be petrified. The first to break from it is Senku, the boy-genius.

Hence, begins the journey of Senku and his friends to find a way of of this petrification and return the world as it was before…

Riichiro Inagaki started serializing Dr. Stone in 2017 and Boichi did all the illustration. The manga series released new chapter weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2017 until its end in 2022. As 2021 the manga has surpassed 10 million in circulation…

The manga series quickly rose to popularity not just because of its art but also unique story.

Source: Twitter

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