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My Hero Academia 299 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Is the Great War over? It’s certainly not. Many Heroes have died and many are nowhere to be found. On the other hand many pro heroes are dead too. In one word, it’s a complete mess. After everything subsided, the end result of the war was more horrific than anything that has ever happened in My Hero Academia. What shocked many people was the death of Midnight. Now, AFO is making his move. What will happen now? With this let’s look into My Hero Academia 299 Spoilers and other Leaks.


Detailed Spoilers are not out yet, but let’s look into some of the surface-level Spoilers.

  • Chapter Title is: A Guy With a Painful Story.
  • Most of the Chapter is of Hawks past
  • Hawks’ Dad was a villain, and his Mother ran away with Hawks’ when his Dad murdered a person.
  • Hawks’ Dad was caught by Endeavor after he tried to escape from murder.
  • Hawks’ Mother name is Tomie.
  • Dabi knew about Hawks origin because Hawks’ mother leaked it to Dabi.
  • Hawks and best jeanist talking about a bunch of stuff including the corpse that was used to fake his identity.
  • Hawks considered Twice as a good person because he was trying so hard to become useful to everyone. Hawks was inspired by him and wanted to be like him.
  • Hawks’ still respects Endeavor and wants to help him.
  • Chapter ends with the last line: “With fierce determination, Hawks will fly again.”

Chapter Discussions

Hawks’ Past

From the beginning of his career, Hawks has always been a mysterious guy. Very little is known about his family and background. In Chapter 299 leaks, we come to learn why it has been always kept shrouded.

Hawks’ past reveals the hardships of a child with abusive parents. Though, he was lucky enough to have a Mother who was more cooperative than his Dad.

But, here’s the irony. Hawks’ “Abusive” Dad was later captured by Endeavor and we know how Endeavor is when it comes to being a Dad. Dabi’s reveal is one of such example.

But, yet, Hawks respects Endeavor and probably considers him as his Dad figure.

There is nothing else in this Chapter, only Hawks revelation.

But, there is always a reason why a Chapter is dedicated to a single character. Hawks’ main power is his wings, and without it, he is almost nothing. Now, that his Wings are burnt, he has to push himself to return to his usual form.

And, the last page of the Chapter shows something similar will happen.

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