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Ousama Ranking Episode 8 Release Date, Time & Discussion

When I watched the first trailer of Ousama Ranking, I had a strong feeling that “this is going to be a great show!” and it seems I wasn’t wrong! I might miss some other anime, but I have never missed even a single episode of this show.

The storyline is simple, but for some reason it’s soothing to see the beautiful bond between Bojji and Kage. Maybe it’s the inner child within me who relates with Bojji when he faces failures.

Episode 7 Recap

So, it seems Bojji and Shion(Tensura) are in close relation when it comes to cooking food. LOL if Shion’s cooking wasn’t horrible enough then it’s Bojji’s cooking that’ll surely wreck havoc in your stomach! On the other hand Kage’s cooking is like our Grandma, filled with love and warmth!

After coping with the cooking nightmare, Bojji and Despa started their secret training. The training is secret enough that even we the watchers don’t yet know what’s going on behind that iron door! days and weeks past, and every time Bojji comes out of that room he’s too exhausted to walk and just falls asleep.

The episode was short but sweet! Kage is the sworn friend of Bojji and he proved it the moment he surrendered everything he had earned till now. He basically invested his life savings to see Bojji become the most powerful King.

And how beautiful is that?

I tried finding the manga, but it seems the series is too new to appear anywhere. On top of that the anime is way ahead in its story. Nowadays this is new trend with many new Anime. It’s a trick to push anime watchers to start reading the manga to find out the next step.

Release Date

Ousama Ranking Episode 8 will release on Thursday December 2nd. Now that Bojji has started his training it’ll be exciting to learn what weapon he has taken! We saw in the previous episode how Bojji was standing in front of a rock as if he had broken it.

But, until the weapon is revealed nothing will be clear! Tricky thing is that the manga is new, hence, there’s no clarity on the proceeding chapter and the story.

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