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One Piece Episode 1002 Release Date, Time & Discussion

We are back to the regular episodes after the 1000th episode celebration. Believe me or not, I was in tears when I saw the old opening. Oh the nostalgia! But, one thing that disappointed me was the way the episode was presented. I was expected some really cool animation with the same flashbacks.

If you’re a OP fan then you probably know what I’m talking about! Well, now that we are past the great milestone, things are back to where we left. Luffy is trying hard to reach the top floor but the obstacles are too great for now! I hope as we proceed deep into the episode things will get better!

Episode 1001 Recap

The biggest event in Episode 1001 is that X Drake is a mole and he has been discovered! He works for the Marines. Does that give the Straw Hats an edge? Well the good thing is that X Drake is not just some layman Marine. He is experienced and also a Devil fruit user.

He is powerful enough to put down a Giant in just one hit. Episode 1001 mostly covered X Drake’s revelation and the plan to kill him. That didn’t end well with Queen and the pack. I’m confident enough that X Drake will become an asset as the story move forward!

Release Date

As it is with every episode, One Piece Episode 1002 will release on Saturday, December 4th (PDT). Good thing is, unlike manga, the anime doesn’t take a break unless it’s an emergency!

Now that Drake has chosen to join the war against Kaido, it’ll be interesting to watch how Luffy will react(He will accept him anyways given his personality).That said, from what we saw in the preview clip, the reception wasn’t that great! Zoro is already ready to attack Drake. Let’s see how that proceeds!

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