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10 Hottest Male Characters Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan has countless unknown and known characters. Especially male characters. While most of them have average, some of them have exceptional hotness.

In this post, I’ll list Top 10 Hot & Sexy Male Characters in Attack on Titan.

(1) Levi Ackerman

Do I even have to talk about him? Levi is unarguably the sexiest male personality in AOT. He exudes “Male Vibe.” What makes him even more attractive is his “care less” attitude and how he calmly he handles every situation.

Levi Attack on Titan
Levi Ackerman

Not just that, the Voice Actor in the anime has also done fantastic job at sounding him hot AF…Nobody was able to topple him in attractiveness till the end.

(2) Eren Yeager

Who knew Eren would grow up to become such a hottie? This cut scene from AOT final season you see below spread like a wildfire across the internet. Let alone the woman, even male fans began simping over him…

Eren Yeager Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager

If there is someone who got the most extreme makeover in the Attack on Titan final season, it’s Eren. Non one comes even near him.

(3) Zeke Yeager

The internet is filled up with “monke” memes. Thanks to the Beast Titan he possesses. But, in his human form, Zeke looks like a Greek God. He is damn handsome and attractive when he wear glasses.

Zeke Yeager Attack on Titan
Zeke Yeager

I guess Grisha had pretty great genes. And most probably both of his sons inherited only the good genes.

(4) Armin Arlert

When compared to the three above, Armin looks more like a cute grown-up kid than a Man. Maybe because he doesn’t have any beard. Fortunately, he too received a fantastic makeover after the time-skip.

Armin Arlert

Armin’s eyes have a loving charm that both Eren and Levi lack. Who knows Armin might also be confused with a female if his face is shown to someone who doesn’t know anything about Attack on Titan.

Do let me know you experience…

(5) Erwin Smith

In this list of all the 10 male characters, Erwin had the stronger aura. He carried a powerful personality about being in the military and piercing determination. And since this trait is pretty rare, woman find him attractive and men respect him.

Erwin Smith Attack on Titan
Erwin Smith

Even though he had a strong decision making power, Erwin always cursed him for all his comrades’ death. And finally he gave away his life hoping to beat the Beast Titan…Guys like Erwin are born only once in decades…

(6) Jean Kirstein

Not gonna life, Jean was an irritating character in the early days of the manga. He used to through fights with almost anyone, even Eren. But, as time passed he developed himself to be a great military strategist. Jean saved many lives, including Mikasa’s and Hange’s.

Jean Kirstein Attack on Titan
Jean Kirstein

And I feel if he saved some other woman’s life as well, they would have fallen for him. There’s also a rumor suggesting that Jean ended-up with Mikasa after Eren died…Can you confirm whether this speculation is right?

(7) Porco Galliard

Though Porco received increasing amount of hate because of his Titan, he was pretty good looking. He carried a strict determination to complete his mission. Anything couldn’t stop him. Not even Eren. In fact Eren had to struggle quite a lot to pin the Jaw Titan (Porco) down…

Porco Galliard Attack on Titan
Porco Galliard

He lived his short life with style and also passed away sacrificing everything for the new generation. Porco is seldom remembered, but he really did played a major role in the War.

(8) Reiner Braun

I never expected Reiner to get this insane makeover after the timeskip. Dude looks nothing like he looked in the past. He had just a lame bland look. But look at him now! His entire facial structure changed.

Reiner Braun Attack on Titan
Reiner Braun

Reiner gathered a lot of fan-following after he was revealed in his new look. 10/10 from my side.

(9) Kenny Ackerman

Here’s a question: Do you find Kenny similar to any other fictional character? No? Jack the Ripper. Yes, Kenny as a character was inspired by Jack the Ripper. You can see this in his personality, past, and the types of places he lived all his life.

Kenny Ackerman Attack on Titan
Kenny Ackerman

Keeping his dark life aside, Kenny carries the “Old Man” vibe with himself. He is attractive not because of how he looks, but because of his personality. Are all Ackerman chad? A serious question indeed!

(10) Marco Bodt

There is a great difference between the Marco in Manga and the one in Anime. Of course, the one in the Anime looks way more attractive. Unfortunately, Marco wasn’t alive for a long time, but he was good guy who didn’t deserve to die in such way.

Marco Bott Attack On Titan
Marco Bodt

I would say that Marco’s personality matches quite a lot with Armin’s. Both of them are humble and care for their friends.

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