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One Piece 1001 Spoilers, Raw Scans Read Online.

At last we reached the “1000” mark, and as Oda promised, it seems he has covered 1000th Chapter in 2020. Wow! what a great achievement. It’s hard it believe that our favorite Manga is already 23+ years old. The War against Wano’s freedom is at its peak. The Red Scabbards have already landed their blow on Kaido, but in exchange of Kiku’s arm. On the other hand, the Straw-hats are also heading towards the top floor. Though the Straw-hats are trying hard to reach the top floor as quick as possible, Kaido’s army are quite powerful and on top of it Big Mom is also wrecking havoc. But, despite that, Chopper have found out the antidote of Queen’s plague shots. There are a lot of things to explain. Before that let’s look into One Piece 1000 Spoilers and Raw Scan Status.


Okay, it seems the Spoilers are out early this time. As of now only a vague Spoiler is released, and, detailed Spoilers will be out 2-3 days after, means Thursday.

  • Chapter Title is “Onigashima’s Decisive Monster Battle.”
  • Zoro is seen using Kinemon’s fire attack.
  • Big Mom unleashes a new technique that launches fireballs. But, she is made fun of it.
  • Most of the Chapter is FIGHTING.
  • In an another panel, there is a line about Kid & Luffy doing something, but it’s obscure.


Zoro’s New Attack

After Zoro got Enma, his power increased to sky-high limits. And it was pretty obvious. Someone who is able to use Oden’s sword is a not an average samurai. In the latest Spoilers, we see that Zoro is already using Enma to hurl fire attacks on Kaido.

But, the question is, Will Zoro able to fully utilize Enma as Oden did? Well the War will speak to itself.

Let me make a prediction, The ending of this fight will be that, all four “Worst Generation” will land a hit on Kaido and Big Mom and will end the War.

Let’s see whether this prediction comes true.

Big Mom’s New Technique

The latest leaks highlights Big Mom’s latest technique. Up until now we have seen Big Mom only use Ikoku Sovereignty when she seriously wants to kill her opponent.

But, this new war has forced her to unleash her new power.

Well! it will be interesting to watch how Luffy and others save themselves from this.


Oden’s Journal

Oden was the first in whole Wano to go out and explore. And in his adventure, he wrote a Journal covering most the events that happened.

Why is Oden’s why Journal important? He wrote in his Journal that after 20 years, the “New World” here will be overrun by new generation pirate. And, we are seeing the same thing happen exactly after 20 years.

That’s something really remarkable considering he visualized something 20 years before it actually happened.

Not only this, Oden Journal will prove to be a guide to Momonosuke when he becomes the next Ogun of Wano.

Red Roc

Luffy has unleashed his new power, Red Roc. This the second time he is clashing with Kaido and the improvement he has shown is remarkable.

Previously when he clashed, Luffy was beating to pulp with just one hit and now we see the role reversed.

There is nothing more exciting than Luffy unleashing a new technique and using it to defeat his Opponent, in this case Kaido.

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