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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 43 Release Date & Time

After the previous episode, Subaru, for sure, is in high spirits. On top of it, it’s not normal for Subaru to not die even once in Season 2. Within two episodes we have seen Subaru grow more than he had grown in entire Season 1. Winning over Garfiel, kissing Emilia, getting a great friend like Otto, is only some of the things Subaru has achieved. But, the chain of success hasn’t stopped yet, we come to see even more surprising revelation in Episode 43. With this, let’s look into Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 43 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Release Date

Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 43 will release on Wednesday, February 3, at 05:30(PDT). There is no Preview of the next episode, but, looking at the end of Episode 42, a confrontation is just waiting to happen.

Episode Discussion


Emilia’s trail has started and Echidna is accompanying her. But, by far the only thing that Echidna has done is curse Emilia and try to break her Will, only to fail. Most of the episode we see Emilia’s past when she was a cute kid.

Her experiences with unnamed fairies and that she has not seen her Mother and Father in a long time. The one who takes care of her is Fortuna. Fortuna is Emilia’s Father’s younger sister, and she has a striking resemblance with Emilia.

These events are mildly surprising, and knowing that Emilia has not seen her parents raises an alarm about their possible death.

But, the most shocking event that we come to see is Petelgeuse. If you try to recall Petelgeuse and compare him with the version in this Episode, the discrepancy on their looks is too much to accept.

The Petelgeuse in this Episode is a handsome looking man with soft spoken attitude. This raises the question on the events happened that made him so bizarre.

Another thing to notice is that, Petelgeuse, in this episode is trying to find mercy, and he breaks down after seeing Kid Emilia.

There are more questions than answers in this Episode, and it’s sure that everything will be revealed eventually.

The Locked Door

From the beginning of the Episode, we see that Kid Emilia is being protected against something. It’s not known what is the thing, but, after making an escape from home, she got to see a Big Locked Door.

What’s mysterious about the Door? It’s situated in the midst of an open space and the area is surrounded by ice. And, also, after failing to open the door, Emilia commented on drawing a “Red Sky and Icy Forest.”

An Unwanted Visitor

In the end of the Episode, after Emilia, Fortuna and Petelgeuse start to wake towards their home, an Unknown Man makes his appearance. There is nothing normal about this man, and the exaggerated way he talks angers Fortuna and forces her to take an offensive position.

Yes, this the same man who attacked Rem’s convoy with Lye Batenkaitos and we know what happened after that. The man is Regulus Corneas, the Archbishop of the Witch’s Cult representing Greed.

Well! that’s a clear Red-Signal that things have gone South, and the enemy have made his appearance. Now, what follows after this is a matter of concern whether Emilia will be able to handle the trial.

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