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One Piece 1002 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

One Piece has completed 1000 Chapters, and the real War for Wano’s independence have begun. The Red Scabbards did their job and got almost nothing in return. The difference between power was too much. And, now that the “Worst Generation” have trained well, they will surely put up with some good fight against Kaido and Big Mom. One Piece Chapter 1001 showcased the first hit from Luffy to Kaido. His one hit was enough to injure Kaido and push him to acknowledge that Luffy has in fact become stronger. With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers & Leaks.


The Spoilers are out on time, and here they are:

  • Chapter is titled- “Yonkou Vs. New Generation”
  • Kaido uses a new attack called “Great Wind”. Zoro uses Enma against it
  • Luffy uses a new attack called “*Gomu Gomu no Kong Rifle”
  • New Kid attack called “Slam Gibson”.
  • Law uses “Gamma Knife”.
  • New Killer attack is called “Kamaa Sonic”, he attacks Kaidou with it.
  • New Big Mom attack called “Indra” (lightning attack), she attacks Killer.
  •  Luffy uses “Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider” against Kaidou.
  • Kaidou uses “Boro Breath” against Luffy but Zoro stops it with Kinemon’s “Kitsunebiryuu:Homurasaki” and attacks Kaido with a Flying Dragon flame technique (might be the one he used vsRyuma in ThrillerBark)
  • Kaidou senses Oden in Zoro’s sword.
  • Big Mom uses a new lightning attack, lightning appears from everywhere.
  • Luffy is not affected from Big Mom’s attack, she asks why and Luffy says “Because I’m rubber”.
  • Kaidou hits Luffy with his “Bolo Breath” but it doesn’t work.
  • Luffy uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling” against Kaidou.

A rough sketch is also leaked, and it seems that Luffy is landing a tight punch on Kaido.

The War is becoming really interesting. According to the leaks, we can see that even new techniques of Kaido and Big Mom are not working against the Worst Generation. If this keeps on happening, then the War won’t last long. Though, that’s not what is going to happen.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

Kaido Compares Luffy to Oden and Roger

Frankly speaking, after the beginning of Luffy’s voyage, the most life-changing event for him has been the Marineford Arc. He lost Ace. And, it looks like the next for him is the Wano Arc.

Luffy has gone incredible transformation after learning Ryou from Hyogoro. He has become powerful enough to knock down Kaido with just one hit, and that too without using any Gear.

Luffy’s hit was the first landing blow on Kaido and the declaration that “We are Opponents.” But, the blow was not the only thing that surprised Kaido, it was the acknowledgement that Luffy can be compared with Oden, Roger, White-Beard, Shanks and Rocks.

Even the other Worst Generation were forced to think that Luffy has really become powerful than the time they met him. And, that’s what Kaido cannot digest.

Zoro Cuts Fire

This is something new from Zorojuro. We have seen him cut other Samurais, but never cut fire. It was only Kinemon who could cut fire until now. But, frankly speaking, we should not be surprised if Zoro unleashes even more powerful attacks.

Zoro is using Enma, the “Heavenly Sword” that Oden used to slash Kaido and mortally injure him. When Zoro first received Enma, he accidentally cut a piece of mountain while testing it.

Though this is just a theory, I think, in the end of the War, Zoro will have to use both of Oden’s Sword to really injure Kaido to the point he never wakes up. If this happens, it would be fantastic to see and also a change of environment since most of the final blows are done by Luffy.

Kaido’s Unleashes Dragon Form

After the Worst Generations landed their most powerful blow(of course, that’s not the most powerful one), we see Kaido take it with a pinch of salt as if nothing has happened. This is an indication that Kaido will also not hold back and unleash everything under his sleeves.

He has officially acknowledged Luffy as his worthy opponent, and a War-Monger like Kaido will never hold back when he sees someone like that.

Why Kaido’s Dragon form is a risk for Luffy and others?

Unlike normal fire, Kaido’s Bolo Breath is a concentrated and has the capability to destroy everything that comes in front. When Luffy first clashed Kaido, we came to see the power of Bolo Breath. The result was that he literally erased an entire mountain. Hence, if Kaido decides to unleash Bolo Breath in such a short place, there are chances of collateral damage.

Can Zoro cut Kaido’s Bolo Breath?

Kinemon can cut fire, but it’s not clear whether he can cut something as powerful as Bolo Breath. On the other hand, Zoro has Enma, the only sword that injured Kaido. And, later in the battle, it won’t be a surprise if Zoro actually cuts Kaido’s Bolo Breath and lands a blow on his face.

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