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10+ Most Beautiful Female Characters In Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is one of the best Manhua in recent times. In fact it was thanks to few Manhua like Solo Leveling, Noblesse, and Tower of God that Manhua started receiving the recognition it deserved…

In this post, I’ll list the 10+ Most Beautiful Female Characters in Solo Leveling. Though almost every woman in the manhua is good-looking, these are the best among all…

Let’s GOOO…..

(1) Cha Hai-In

Cha Hai-In is not just good-looking, but also cute. That’s why she deserves the top spot in this list. I won’t say her beauty is exceptional, but she has the “Lady-like” vibe in her. She is also an S-Rank Hunter and an overachiever…

Cha Hae-In Solo Leveling
Cha Hae-In

The best personality trait about her is her behavior with everyone. Even the ones who are less ranked than her. Cha is humble and doesn’t boast her Rank to her subordinates or anyone who has less rank than her…

(2) Querehsha

I’ll be absolutely honest here – Querehsha is the sexiest female in Solo Leveling! Nobody can compete with her in raw sexiness. Unfortunately, the image you say below is now her real form, just a decoy. Her real form is horrendous and terrifying.

Querehsha Solo Leveling

I’ve been watching anime and reading manga for many years now, and one thing is always common. Female Villains are always sexy AF. Flip any manga and you’ll know. This is the same case with Querehsha too…

(3) Yoo Soohyun

Solo Leveling has great story and characters, but till the end of the series fans always complained of one thing! For some reason the creator didn’t care to include other characters for a long time. In this case it’s Yoo Soohyun. She was introduced in Chapter 67 in Manhua and only few times after that.

Yoo Soohyun Solo Leveling
Yoo Soohyun

Maybe the creator didn’t want to introduce an another woman and thus things simple. Anyways Yoo was pretty attractive, and that hairstyle suited her quite good…

(4) Lee Joohee

Lee Joohee was the first female character introduced in the story. She was the only one who believed in Jin Woo even when he was an E-Rank hunter with no abilities. Alas! Lee was sidelined too after the first arc finished.

Lee Joohee Solo Leveling
Lee Joohee

If I had to choose between Lee and Cha, I would choose Lee. She understood Jin Woo’s strengths and weaknesses, and as I said, didn’t care whether he was weak or strong…Do you miss her too? Or do you support Cha?

(5) Esil Radiru

Unlike all the woman I’ve mentioned till now, Esil is one of the most mysterious one. Some fans say that she was dead long time ago, while others argue that she was alive till the end. I had little issue understanding that part of the Manhua, so I can’t say whether she was alive or dead.

Esil Radiru Solo Leveling
Esil Radiru

In terms of beauty, Esil was cute. She also had a bubbly attitude towards Jin Woo and made silly mistakes, that made her cuter. If I recall correctly, Jin Woo also got an invitation, but refused…Painful enough, we never got to see her after that incident…

(6) Kanae Tawata

Kanae Tawata is an S-Class Hunter from Japan who appeared in the Manhua during the Jeju Island Arc. Unlike other woman in this list, Kanae carries an aura of ignorance and doesn’t want to include herself with the “weak.” Anyways, she hasn’t compromised with her beauty.

Kanae Tawata Solo Leveling
Kanae Tawata

Her tomboyish look with that huge tattoo gives her a funky look and also the sexiness she deserves.

(7) Laura

Laura is an American who works as a Secretary in the Scavenger Guild. She is not expressive and follows a stoic lifestyle. Very little is known about her and her past. Maybe because she is not a Hunter and just a regular Human.

Laura Solo Leveling

But when it comes to beauty, Laura looks superb. Her golden hair with bun suits her stoic demeanor. Surprisingly enough, SL community has a small fan-following who wanted to see her as a Hunter.

(8) Gina

Gina is not slender like all the women we have seen until now! She has a strong and commanding physical. Best suited for someone who mostly fights with physical strength. She also looks way sexier when in the hoodie costume.

Gina Solo Leveling

Talking about her personality, Gina is straightforward and expresses everything that she thinks. She looks a lot womanly in her usual attire.

(9) Park Heejin

Park Heejin is a B-Rank Hunter from Korea. She only appeared few times in the Manhua. What fans (and I) like is her simple, yet beautiful face. She also has a slender figure, good suited for a mage…

Park Heejin Solo Leveling
Park Heejin

Despite a B-Ranker, Park is pretty good at her skills. She was able to come up with the conclusion that Jin Woo was at least an A-Rank just by meeting him once.

(10) Sung Jinah

Sung Jinah is JinWoo’s younger sister. She is loved by every reader. Fortunately she is not the type of younger sister who is nasty with her elder brother. Not a tsundere, neither physically attacks anyone. You can say that Jinah is the purest female character in Solo Leveling….

Sung Jinah Solo Leveling
Sung Jinah

Let me know what do you think about her? Do you think she deserves to be a protagonist of a Slice-of-Life manga?

(11) Choi Yoora

Choi Yoora was the nurse who took JinWoo’s care after the first arc. According to me, Choi is average looking and doesn’t give-off an exceptional woman vibe. Maybe because she is just a simple nurse!

Choi Yoora Solo Leveling
Choi Yoora

She got interested in JinWoo after looking his chiseled body. She asked his phone number but nothing happened after that! My speculation is that she lost all hope after she discovered that JinWoo was an S-Rank Hunter…

Conclusion & FAQ

Finally we have reached the end of this list. Do let me know what you think of this list! Did I miss anyone? Name the Female Character, and I’ll include her in this list…

Who Is The Sexiest Female Character In Solo Leveling?

Querehsha is the sexiest and hottest female character in Solo Leveling.

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