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Full Dive Episode 6 Release Date & Discussion

What’s worse than having a life full of failures? It’s life full of humiliation! Unfortunately Hiroshi has to face both of these no only in his real life, but also in the game he is playing nowadays.

Though, he calls the game “A S*i*ty Game,” he has no option but to play it as his pride is at stake. Until now nothing felt right, but things are changing slowly as our player has got himself clear from the messy situation he has gotten into. Well, with this, let’s look into Episode 6 Release Date & some Discussion.

Episode 5 Recap

Keeping aside all the mayhem Hiro is experiencing, finally he is free of the allegation of killing his friend. It was just an accident, but, the other NPC are not yet convinced of this. They think that he have just freed himself by bribing the military leaders.

But, we have to praise Hiro’s patience. The way Reona reacts to every situation, even though Hiro is about to lose his leg is irritating to its extreme. I mean, Reona is a fairy and the only thing she can do is “cheer” Hiro? What can be more insulting than this?

I wonder whether Reona does this consciously or just to troll Hiro. Because if she does this out of her sane mind, it’s rather a bad news for Hiro’s future.

Maybe, we will see Reona unleashing her hidden power as a fairy in the near future. But, for now, after only few episodes, she has become one of the most hated character in the series.

Her only notable achievement in these 5 episodes is persuading Ginji into handing money.

On top of that, Alicia is still on an assassination hunt. It feels like the only desire for her as an NPC is Hiro’s destruction and finally death. Fortunately, Mizarisa reaches on time to save Hiro or else Reona would only “cheer” Hiro to fight bare-handed against Alicia.

Well, it seems that as we progress towards the upcoming episodes, Hiro will gain enough experience to handle things on his own and depend less on Reona.

Release Date

Full Dive releases every Wednesdays. Episode 5 will release on May 12, 06:30.
After getting almost killed by Alicia, Yuki has got his back covered by Mizarisa. The name of next episode is “Knife vs Saw,” and it’s a certain indication that things are going to get hot in episode 6.

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