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One Piece Episode 953 Release Date and Time, Watch Online.

The Wano War is at the doorsteps, Kaido and Big Mom has met each other. This is a danger signal for not only the Straw Hats but also the Wano Country. The two Yonko on one land never brings peace. With this let’s look into One Piece Episode 953 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 953 will Release on Saturday, December 5 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of the next Episode is “Hiyori’s Confession! A Reunion at Bandit Bridge?!”


Goodbye Yasui-san

From the very beginning of Yasui’s introduction, we had a feeling that this guy was someone special in his peak time. And, later in the Episodes we saw who he really was. But, by the time his identity got revealed, it was too late.

Yasui’s brutal public execution by Orochi was something no one from Wano will ever forget. And his execution was undeniably the most heartbreaking of all. The way Otoko ran towards her father and tried to apply the gama-balm was the final nail in the coffin.

But, after Yasui’s execution, we never knew what happened to his corpse. In Episode 952, we see Kanjiro holding Yasui and taking him to his burial.

Hence, this culminates the last journey of the great Daimyo of Wano, who was shoulder-to-shoulder with Oden.

First Step Towards Wano’s Freedom

Later we move to where Ashura, Kinemon and Inuarashi are. We see that Ashura is taking them to an undisclosed location. It turns out that since many years Ashura is buy broken ships and building his naval force.

Looking into how efficiently Ashura has used the broken and discarded ships pushes Kinemon to accepts that Ashura has in fact changed in 20 years.

Hence, this officially confirms that we are again one step closer to the Wano War.

Luffy’s Training

Luffy is still trapped in Udon Prison. Good thing is that he has recovered from the plague, but this is Luffy we are talking about, he never sits in one place when it comes to conquer something. This time, it is mastering Ryuo.

Ryuo is a type of Haki that we saw when Hyogoro defeated Alpacaman with just one punch. But, the problem with it is, it’s hard to control and master.

Even though Chopper stops Luffy to put too much strain, Luffy ignores him and then Hyogoro offers to help him master Ryuo.

And, from here Luffy starts training his Ryuo technique with Hyogoro.

The Shusui Sword Secret

After Luffy starts training his Ryuo, we move forward to Zoro. He has reached the same bridge again, where he fought the Monk Samurai. The Monk Samurai is yet again present there, guarding the Bridge.

They are indulged in a bitter battle again and, after sometime Zoro asks why is he collecting so many swords. To which the Monk Samurai says that Shusui is a sword that they preached, and after it got stolen, destruction came in Wano and eventually all were taken for them.

After that, they again continue their battle, until then Kawamatsu comes and interrupts the battle. He throws his sword but Zoro counters it and sends it back to Kawamatsu. Komurasaki(Hiyori) and Monk Samurai recalls that it is Kawamatsu the Kappa, and they both are shocked.

Komurasaki(Hiyori) could not control herself and ended up calling out Kawamatsu, but he does not recognize her.

In the next scene, we see how Kawamatsu took care of Komurasaki(Hiyori) when she was a kid.

The Yonko Meeting

In the end scene, we see that in presence of Queen and King, Big Mom is eating her stomach out. Later, Kaido comes to meet Big Mom and they both do hand-to-hand battle. Their battle impact is so powerful that clouds get divided and a it almost feels like an earthquake.

This is where the Episode ends.

Now, the worst combination of Yonko has come face-to-face. Who knows what will happen!

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