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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date and Time, Watch Online.

After the War between Xenos and Humans is over, Ikelos Familia is in trouble and most of the members are either dead or exiled. In the previous episode we saw how Fels resurrected Weine. Now that Wiene has been resurrected, Xenos are calm and happy. But, on the other hand lies even greater trouble for them. Loki Familia still doesn’t believe that Xenos are different kinds of Monster and they have emotions. With this, let’s find out Danmachi Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 10 will release on Friday, 4 December at 7:30 AM(PDT). Preview of the next episode was not shown, but, we can speculate what can happen in the upcoming episodes.


Ikelos Exiled

In Episode 9, when we saw the complete annihilation of the Ikelos Familia and everyone who came to fight the Xenos, it was almost clear that Ikelos and Ikelos Familia were in trouble.

You can say that Dix was the mastermind behind all this Black Market Business, but it was Ikelos and his Familia who helped him to fulfill his dream. Hence, Ikelos was to be blamed firsthand for all this mess.

He not only killed countless Xenos, but also incited a war between Humans and Monster(Xenos). But, now that Ikelos has been exiled what comes next? Who will the city people blame for all this destruction?

The City’s Hate

The City People saw how Ikelos was behind all the mess, and they also saw how he was exiled. But, their anger against Monsters is still intact, rather more than before, in this situation who will they blame now?

Of course Bell! Since, they saw how he was saving Wiene when she was in her Montser form. After keeping himself confined in his room for sometime, both he and Hestia went out in the open.

The amount of hate he received in a short amount of time is really Brutal. Not everyone could handle such hate. But, since Bell knows he was right, he is quiet.

Can Bell Save the Xenos?

The next hurdle that Bell has now is the safety of Xenos. After Wiene’s death and her resurrection, they War subsided, but they are still trapped in the city and the way to underground is probably blocked or unapproachable.

Loki familia is looking for the Xenos and they are adamant to kill them. Now, after throwing his life to save Wiene, if Bell fails to save them, then he would be utterly destructed from inside.

Hence, Hestia Familia is ready to provide them support. Hermes, Ouranos and Fels is providing every help they could.

In the upcoming Episodes we will see how Bell and other Hestia members save Xenos.

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