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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 Spoilers Leaks

Most of the previous chapter has been covering Maki’s personal life and. And, we fans are enjoying it a lot.

But, it seems with the end of Chapter 151, we have reached the end. Maki has defeated the strongest Zenin with one punch. But, Naoya isn’t dead. And, I think he will end up joining Maki and others.

Honestly speaking, Naoya is an irritating character, but, at times like this, the sorcerers need him. Geto is hell-bent on destroying not only the sorcerers, but also the human world.

But, this is not the only time Naoya has been defeated. Choso also nearly defeated him with his poison hits. So, that’s that.

After the battle ended between Maki and Naoya, we don’t know yet what’s is going to happen next. I am guessing that Naoya will accept his defeat and join hands with Maki. He also admires Toji a lot, so, he may also partially acknowledge Maki.

Let’s see what Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 has to say about the upcoming story.

Chapter 151 Recap

Chapter 151 mostly covered battle between the two. Chapter starts with a kid Naoya who is supposed to be Toji’s fan. He admires Toji for what he was.

He is excited to meet Toji, but, we couldn’t see his reaction after coming face-to-face with Toji.
Then, we return to the present day, when he remembers Toji and says that Maki is no way same as he was.

Naoya calls her an impostor who is trying hard to be like Toji, but is nowhere close to him. Naoya is definitely on a higher ground here. Unlike Maki, who is tired to the bone, Naoya is just starting to heat-up.

He lands countless hits on Maki and the match seems to bend towards Naoya. But, while getting thrown like a ball, Maki is also counting something in her head. In the end she figures out Naoya’s secret.

She says that his technique is similar to Naobito. They both make 24 moments a second. Before Naoya could make out the situation, Maki already has released her punch towards his face.

The match ended with just one hit from Maki. This clearly shows how powerful Maki has become. It’s surprising how a person can completely alter their personality after their loved ones die.


The spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 152 title: “Perfect Praparation – Punishment”
  • Maki faces her mom. Her mom is screaming for her life.
  • Maki asks her why did she tell he to go back, but it seems her mom is confused, or maybe is just pretending to not know anything.
  • Scene changes to Naoya. He is heavily injured and is splitting blood while crawling on the floor.
  • Even in this condition, he teases Maki for her failure to kill him.
  • Maki’s Mom arrives with a bloody neck holding a kitchen knife.
  • Naoya is unable to accumulate any cursed energy, he is too weak for it. On the mean time, Maki’s mom stabs him.
  • She also slowly succumb to her injuries, and before dying, she sees herself enjoying with the younger versions of her daughter. She says that she’s glad she gave birth to them.
  • While leaving the Zen’in estate with Mai, Nishimiya meets her.
  • She repents and says, “I told her not to go…!”
  • Maki decides to leave Mai with Nishimiya and tells her to take care the rest. Maki doesn’t reply anything when Nishimiya asks what’s is going to do now.
  • Chapter ends with a narration: 6 members of the Hei unit and 21 of Kukuru unit were absent from the Zen’in estate and were found dead the same day.
  • There was no cursed energy presence, but they all were killed by a cursed weapon.
  • The Gojo and Kamo clan remove Zen’in clan from the Three Great Clans.
  • Curtain closes for the Zen’in Clan.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 will come out officially on June 13th. Hence, we still have some days left before the spoilers start coming out.

Since the battle has ended, it’s hard to make out what the next chapter will showcase. The community is saying many thing, but, until the official spoilers are released everything is just a speculation.

This section of the page will be updated as soon as the Spoilers are live. Hence, Hold On!!

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