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Dr. Stone Season 2 Number Of Episodes Revealed

The Witty Genius is here after one and half years of wait. Senku was the first to wake up after the petrification engulfed entire globe. This led to Senku deciding to awaken whole of humanity and again return back from this stone age to the Modern Age.

The latest updates revealed in the official website says the total number of episodes Dr. Stone Season will have. We all have to agree with this. When our favorite anime is announced after a considerable time, the first that we like to see is the trailer and the next is “How Many Episodes?” The more episodes, the better.

The official website revealed that Dr. Stone Season 2 will have a total of 11 episodes. Yes, that’s only 11 episodes and not 24. That’s a disappointment considering the manga is way ahead of the Anime and Stone Arc is just the beginning of the chain of events that will follow.

The reveal was made in the Blu-Ray and DVD release announcement. The Blu-Ray and DVD version of the Anime will release on May, 2021.

The first edition of the DVD will come with a limited-edition pack consisting Three-sided case and Character design Digiapak by Tuko Iwasa.

After the first edition gets empty, future buyers won’t get these extra goodies and the prices would be same as before.

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Thousands of years have passed after a mysterious event turned all of humanity into stone. Senku has woken up after Three Thousand Seven Hundred years, and nothing can be better than this. A genius of a different kind, Senku, plans to revive all of humanity an return to the modern age as it was back then.

Hence, starts the journey of Senku and his friends who lend a hand in this massive project that Senku has taken into his hands.


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