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My Hero Academia 298 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Is the Great War over? It’s certainly not. Many Heroes have died and many are nowhere to be found. On the other hand many pro heroes are dead too. In one word, it’s a complete mess. After everything subsided, the end result of the war was more horrific than anything that has ever happened in My Hero Academia. What shocked many people was the death of Midnight. Now, AFO is making his move. What will happen now? With this let’s look into My Hero Academia 298 Spoilers and other Leaks.


Spoilers are here:

  • Twice created a redestro clone before the raid started and the clone attack the Hero commission killing the lady who’s in charge.
  • But, before the clone could do anymore damage, Twice was stabbed and the redestro clone started to melt.
  • All the Prisoners escaped from Tratarus have reached the main land and started attacking Prisons around Japan. The Near High Ends are also helping the Villains.
  • Shigaraki is back in control and removes Nana’s hand off his face.
  • 2 Day passes after the Prison Break, and, we see Bakugo awake in hospital with oxygen mask over his face
  • As soon as he wakes up, he asks about Deku, Todoroki, his Senpai, Aizawa and Endeavor.
  • Judging from both Sato and Sero’s expression and Bakugo’s expression, the reply to his answer was most probably negative.
  • Gran Torino is alive, but, his condition is critical.
  • Aizawa appears with Present Mic by his side in the hospital.
  • Todoroki appears surrounded by some of his classmates. His entire body is wrapped in bandages.
  • Endeavor, on the other hand is still unconscious.
  • Group of angry people have appeared outside the hospital and calling Endeavor.
  • Todoroki accepts that Endeavor cannot kill Toya since he has a soft side for him, and, also the revelation must have hit him hard. So, he himself have to do it.
  • Fuyumi and Natsuo show up to see Todoroki. Rei’s silhouette is also shown and Shoto is surprised to see his mom.
  • After hearing Deku’s critical condition, Bakugo rushes towards his room even though he still hasn’t healed. Mineta and Sato try to stop him, but Bakugo ends up seeing Deku.
  • After seeing Deku, Bakugo says that, he will will him if he dies.
  • Chapter ends with showing Deku in a full body cast with All Might by his side. He still hasn’t woken up ever since he passed out.
  • The final page reads, “Midoriya is the only one, who shows no sign of waking up.”
  • Chapter end narration “The price of the battle to death is too high…”
  • Chapter 299 preview says: “Villain’s forces have grown stronger and put heroes in a pinch. The story takes a new turn.”



The worst that could have happened in the whole series have happened. AFO have escaped from the most secure prison in the My Hero Academia Universe. Not only that, other known and unknown Villains have escaped too.

If that wasn’t a problem, AFO have declared that he will become the leader of all of them. But, there is another major issue regarding what will AFO do after escaping from Prison.

He will most likely try to take away OFA from Deku and kill him. Looking at the situation, this might be the best time to take such step as there are very less Pro Heroes who are capable to fight him.

Well! let’s see what Hori Sensei has in his mind this time.

Who Is The Mysterious Woman?

This mysterious woman shown during the escape has become the talk of the town lately. The first question everyone is asking is who is she? Well! the answer is: We don’t know. Since, this is the first time she has been shown.

Maybe in the past chapters she was discussed, but this is the first time her face is revealed. But, here’s an alert for you: Don’t go by her looks, she was locked up in the worst Prison. Not everyone gets locked in Tartarus due to some minor crimes.

There is a great possibility that, her character is far more worse than Toga. When you see a character who is lazy and doesn’t want to work, this is the worst indication, since, this same character only finds happiness when they do something insane. And, I won’t be surprised if this turns out to be true in this woman’s case too.

Though there was nothing revealed about her. Here is something we learned about: The lady uses some kind of telekinetic/electric power. That’s how she opened the door. If you haven’t noticed, read the manga again, and look carefully while she is opening the door. Her hand is glowing.

That’s it, this is the only thing be have to know about the Woman.

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