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Eromanga Sensei manga Approaches Finale

Eromanga Sensei is the classical mixture of “What Could go Wrong,” and “Cringe.” The story covers the daily lives of two siblings who have their own secrets. Secrets that are too embarrassing to reveal to anyone.

Eromanga Sensei centers around Masamune Izumi who is a light novels writer and Sagari Izumi a hikikomori who is great with art.

Though Masamune is a good light novels writer and also enjoys his work, his weakness is his artistic ability. To help with this, he always gets his novels illustrated by an anonymous friend who goes by the pen name “Eromanga.” As the name signifies, Eromanga is an expert with drawing perverted images.

Keeping aside all these light novels work, Masamune is also stuck with taking care of his step-sister, who is a hikikomori by nature. Sagiri Masamune is a shut-in and has been doing this for over a year.

All these was fine until Masamune discovers that “Eromanga,” who draws these perverted images is actually his younger step-sister. Here begins the excitement filled story of a brother and a sister who are class apart not only in terms of personality but, almost everything.

A latest update reveals that the manga version of Eromanga Sensei will end in May 27th.

The manga started serialization in 2014, just one year after the light novel launched.

Looking at the popularity of the series, a 12 episode anime was released in 2017. The anime got pretty good response and the animation was also good. Later an OVA was release with 2 episodes in 2019.

Though, the series is well known among manga and light novel readers, there also has been disputes. The primary dispute was that the ages shown of the characters was too low and it doesn’t suite better according to international standards.

But, these claims were taken lightly and nothing serious ever happened.

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