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My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 7 Discussion & Release Date

After a tumultuous year, the new season of Boku No Hero Academia has finally started airing. The previous season aired in 2019, and thanks to the still-ongoing pandemic, we didn’t receive any new season. But now that a new season is here, it’s time to enjoy Hero vs Villain, or sometimes even Hero vs Hero.

From what we are seeing from the very beginning episode, Season 5 will mostly cover a friendly match between Team-A and Team-B. The Second Match has already ended and things are getting heated up. With this, let’s look into Episode 7 Release Date, Time & Discussion.

Episode 6 Recap

What a great match it was. Kendo’s trap was well placed and worked just as planned. But, Momo is also not far behind. Looking closely into the formation of Team-A, the only one having enough offensive power was Tokoyami, and as we saw in the first phase of the match, he was already being targeted.

If that wasn’t enough, Invisible Girl also lost her composure when Komori unleashed her Mushroom techniques. But, yet, Momo’s final decision to hand over Tokoyami with a thermal sensor goggles was one of the best decision of her life.

Team-A would have won the match, only if Tokoyami wouldn’t have been been infected with mushrooms. Well, the match between Kendo and Momo also took a violent turn in the end when Momo made a cannon out of her body.

We never saw the battle between Kendo and Momo, but one thing is sure, they really fought hard to the point that Keno had to capture Momo almost strangling her.

Well, Match-2 has ended and now starts the real battle. Todoroki and others will battle against Team-B, and if they don’t select the team carefully, Team-A will completely decimate them.

Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7 will release on Saturday, May 8th at 01:30 (PDT).

The next episode will begin Match-3 and now we will get to see the hot-shots fighting for victory. The preview of episode 7 has already indicated that things will go hard for both the teams.

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