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Black Clover Chapter 291 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Asta and Liebe’s combination has finally defeated the highest ranking devil. And what’s surprising is that before Asta was about to land his final blow, Liebe recalled the Devil from back when he was in the Devil’s world. Well, lately Black Clover chapters are short and is only covering few moments, but when the actual content is engaging, very less people will complain. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 291 Spoilers and other discussions.

Recap & Discussion

The Way Forward

Now that the “Lowest Ranking Devil” have finally defeated the “Highest Ranking Devil,” what will Asta do next? Of course there still are the Dark Triads, but they are also busy with their own opponents.

Nacht on the other hand witnessed how powerful Asta have become within a very short time. On top of it, Liebe, who is supposed to be the weakest devil have defeated the highest ranking Devil.

But, the real entertainment is still due. We know that Noelle will defeat Vanica, Yuno will defeat Zenon, and hence Asta will defeat Dante.

But, there is question among fans whether both the Captains will make it? Let me guess, William will probably succumb to his injuries and Yuno will become The Golden Dawn’s Captain.


Spoilers are here and things are getting even more interesting than before:

  • The Highest-Ranking Devil is seen slowly reduced to ashes.
  • Asta’s Devil Union takes 30 minutes to cooldown.
  • Scene switches to Dante vs Jack. Jack is still fighting even with severe injury.
  • Magna & Zora reaches to help Jack.
  • The next few panels follow a flashback during Yami vs Dante battle. Both Magna & Zora were witnessing but they couldn’t take any decision because they didn’t have enough magical prowess.
  • Magna unleashes a new magic. He summons a chain from his body and it seems to suck Dante’s power. After that Magna land a punch on Dante’s face.
  • Chapter ends with this scene. And the ending indirectly says that the next few chapters will probably cover Magna & Zora vs Dante.
  • 2-Week Break.

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