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One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Okay, after a GREAT revelation, it’s time for One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

I will not exaggerate when I say that Chapter 1044 was one of the best chapters lately. A GREAT revelation indeed!

Now, what’s going to happen is anybody’s guess. Maybe now that Luffy has attained to supposedly his most powerful attack Kaido will unleash his last move too!

I couldn’t get a hand on the Raws, but I can already image how insane the scene would be when Luffy hit Kaido!

Well, enough talk. Now, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers, Raws (if available).


Phew! let’s give Oda a break after Chapter 1044. NO?

Well, that’s what we love about him, he doesn’t hurt (not always) his fans by sudden breaks until it’s too necessary. And this time too he has decided to not throw us in a limbo for another week.

I couldn’t find the Raw Scans, but after reading the Spoilers, I’m sure about one thing! Luffy is now way OP than he was few chapters ago. Special thanks to CP0…Dude did a good job at least for once…

The more interesting thing is how Kaido will respond to this provocation? He is already pissed (way more than before). If you ask me, then he is only at his 50% power as of now, and I won’t be surprised a bit if he unleashes his ultimate form.

One Piece Luffy 4th Gear
Lyffy 4th Gear

Kaido must also be the most happiest person/beast now. It’s a heaven-sent opportunity for him.

Now, let’s talk about the mystery about Luffy’s Devil Fruit. If what the Gorousei are talking is true than Luffy will create history and will surpass Gol D. Roger even before reaching old age.

The Spoilers says that Luffy transformed the floor into rubber. Does this technique ring a bell? No? “Domain Expansion.” Read Jujutsu Kaisen if you haven’t!! You won’t regret…

We have seen Kuzan transform the sea/ocean into ice, but that was a different thing. It was ice, and the most he could do was freeze something not completely transform them into ice!!

But, this isn’t the case with Luffy’s new technique!!

Well, that’s what I have to talk about in this section…

Onward to the Chapter 1045 Spoilers…

Chapter 1045 Spoilers

The Spoilers are here guys!!

  • Chapter 1045 title: “Next Level.”
  • Battle between Luffy and Kaido continue.
  • Kaido is really intrigued by Luffy’s Devil Fruit. He comments that his fruits has two qualities. One of like Paramecia and the other quality is like Zoan.
  • Luffy unleashes a new technique again! Gomu Gomu no Gigant. This turns him into a Giant and he looks like a God.
  • Momo and Yamato goes to the roof and see Luffy in such condition.
  • Luffy runs out of energy, but gets energy back by thumping on his chest.
  • Chapter ends with Luffy hitting Kaido with a powerful punch. He then asks him whether this is fun?

As of writing this, Chapter 1044 Spoilers released just yesterday. Hence, we’ll have to wait few more days before Chapter 1045 Spoilers arrive.

And if you have visited this website before, you know very well that Spoilers are updated AS SOON AS they are available!!

Until then!!

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