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One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers

The Wano War is at its peak and we can easily say that Luffy has found his opponent, powerful enough to still fight even after getting so many hits.

The ending of Chapter 1012 had something that even we readers were enraged after seeing it. Ulti, though she is on a different team, is working with Big Mom to bring down Straw Hats, and the Samurai. But, hitting a child is too much to handle.

Now that Nami has landed her first hit on Ulti, it’s sure that a battle between these two is imminent. Let’s see what One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers have to offer.

Chapter 1012 Recap

After Kanjuro fooled the Red Scabbards, it proved that he has gone insane and too much hatred has gotten into him. Though, it’s not clear where is he heading, but Kiku has taken the responsibility to finally finish him.

On the other hand, Nekomamushi has learned that Pedro is dead. This not only shocks him, but also fills his heart with anger and revenge. Hence, he takes off to the place where the killer of Pedro is. Here too, we are looking a great battle waiting to happen.

Sanji has got Zoro and a series of gag happens between them. But, even though these two always fight, when time comes, we know how reliable they are. Zoro has several bone broken, and I don’t see him fighting anymore. Maybe Sanji will join Luffy in place of Zoro.

Only Chopper and Robin were missing in this chapter. Robin is busy fighting Black Maria and Chopper is busy saving everyone from Queen’s virus.

But, the focus of this chapter was not this battles, rather what happened with Otama. As Nami and Usopp are trying to escape Big Mom’s wrath. Ulti appears and tries to bring down Komachiyo. She head-butts Komachiyo pretty hard and ends up hurting Otama.

This was the incident that pushed Nami to abandon her escape plan and launch an attack on Ulti. Even Big Mom wasn’t impressed after she saw Ulti hitting her friend. I wonder what will happen if Otama asks Big Mom to help Nami.
It’s pretty rare to watch two pirates who consider the other as their enemy to join a fight and help each other.

Nami has also met her opponent. Now, it’s time for Usopp to stumble into one.


The Spoilers are out quite early this time:

  • Chapter 1013 title is: “Anarchy In The Big Mom.”
  • After getting hit by Nami, Ulti recovers. But Nami doesn’t stop.
  • Nami uses “Tornado Tempo,” but Ulti dodges it and prepares to crush Nami.
  • Big Mom jumps in and uses a combined attack from Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera to attack Ulti. As expected, this powerful attack knocks Ulti out.
  • Hera is a new creation of Big Mom and was created when Prometheus asked Big Mom for a Girlfriend.
  • After creating Hera, Big Mom commands Hera: “I don’t need you anymore, Zeus, Hera, you can eat it.”
  • Zeus begs for his life, but Big Mom doesn’t show any mercy.
  • After defeating Ulti, Big Mom goes to attack Nami and Usopp.
  • Zeus escapes from Hera, and tries to apologize to Nami. He sacrifices himself for Nami to escape.
  • Kid enters with his “Punk Gibson” against Big Mom.
  • Scene changes to Luffy vs Kaido.
  • It seems Luffy is on a tough spot. Kaido mocks at Luffy’s situation and says that he got excited after a long time for nothing, and he should have slit his throat beforehand.
  • Chapter ends with Luffy falling from Onigashima to the sea.

The Spoilers of One Piece chapter 1012 revealed that the manga is not on a break next week. Hence, we can expect to get the latest spoilers on time. I’m guessing a bitter battle between Nami and Ulti, and most probably most of the chapter will cover their battle.

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