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My Hero Academia 290 Spoilers, Raws Scans.

My Hero Academia is showcasing it’s one of the most intense arcs yet. A lot of things have happened in a very short time. Bakugo getting gravely injured, Midoria getting to experience the previous holder of One for All, and on the other hand Gigantomachia wrecking havoc all over the city. With this, let’s see what we have in My Hero Academia Chapter 290.


  • Name of the Chapter is Dabi’s Dance.
  • Chapter Starts with Rei Todoroki’s hospital and the Hospital staff tries to stop Rei from watching TV.
  • The next scene shows the TV is hacked and Dabi is on the screen.
  • All For One is having an internal dialogue saying that Gigantomachia’s timing was great since Shigaraki is useless now and will die soon after the attack of Midoriya and Endeavor.
  • Shouto thinks that he won’t be able to handle both Gigantomachia and All For One and Nejire immediately makes a Combo move and blasts off Shigaraki.But, Gigantomachi arrives and catches Shigaraki.
  • Gigantomachi’s swing force separates Shouto and Nejire and Shouto falls to the ground.
  • While Bakugo is being carried by Ida, he regains his consciousness and asks him to put him down so that he can finish his fight. But, Ida refuses.
  • Endeavor is having an internal dialogue where he apologize to Hawks that Gigantomachia or All For One is awake. He also says that one of his lungs were completely burnt up, so he’s at his limit. But he won’t back down.
  • Dabi greets Endeavor and Shouto from Gigantomachia’s shoulders.
  • Endeavor calls “Dabi” to which he says not to call him Dabi rather
  • “Touyo.” Dabi then goes on to reveal Endeavor’s past.
  • Rei is shocked after seeing all this.
  • In the next scene we see Dabi confessing that all this time He’s been thinking how to makes Endeavor’s life miserable. He doesn’t want to let Endeavor lead a normal happy life because what he has in the Past.
  • In the end Dabi says to Endeavor that “You Reap What You Sow, Let’s Go To Hell And Dance Together With Your Son, Todoroki Enji.”


Dabi is Toyo Todoroki?

Well! the raging rumors were right. Dabi is the dead Son of Endaevor. Though readers were already suspecting this to happen after a lot of similarities and several hints, now that it is officially revealed, what will happen?

Dabi pulled off something power enough to give Endeavor nightmare for his life. Even poor Rei, the mother of Dabi is caught in this mayhem.

With this we can understand how rough and unforgiving Endeavor was when he was young. And, for that one of his son died.

When in the end panel Dabi says “Let’s Go To Hell And Dance Together With Your Son,” this gave a clear indication that things are about to go in the wrong direction for Endeavor. He is already weakened after he burnt up half of his lungs and now that Dabi is too a fire user, and driven by hatred, Will he Kill Endeavor?

Will Shigaraki Die?

During his monologue, All For One revealed that Shigaraki is done-for after he was hit by Midoriya and Endeavor. And to be honest, he was already going to die after All For One started taking over him.

So, this may be the end of Shigaraki, but we must not forget that Shigaraki has rapid regeneration ability and he was already picked up by Gigantomachia. So, though it is very little, there might be a chance that Shigaraki will live.

But, Shigaraki has done his job being a vessel of All For One, and also realized that from the beginning he was only played by All For One. So, to finish off a lineage and to put a dent on Midoriya’s emotions, All For One may himself kill Shigaraki.

You Reap What You Sow

From the beginning of the series we have never seen Endeavor making a normal appearance. Either he is always angry for something, or obsessing over Shouto’s fire usage.

This was the only reason he made Shouto’s childhood hell, and possibly killed Toyo (Dabi).

Now, Toyo has returned as Dabi filled with hatred. All things are the results of what Endeavor done with his own kids.

But, in the latest chapters we are seeing Endeavor is putting real effort to make things better than before.

Let’s see how long this goes on!

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