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Full Dive Episode 8 Release, Discussion

After literally suffering for the first 7 episodes, Hiro had a time to breath. Though, even in this situation, he didn’t have the chance to relax.

Episode 6 ended with the town getting attacked by something. Then it wasn’t revealed, but, not surprisingly, it’s a Gobin invasion.

It’s only a question when Hiro will face his next worst situation. With this, let’s look what Episode 8 has for us and also some discussion.

Episode 7 Recap

The town is in turmoil, and Hiro doesn’t know the reason. He and Reona hastily reaches and finds out people running for their lives. They don’t care to answer Hiro’s question, and choose to rather run away to some safe location.

Finally he learns that the town has been attacked by a Goblin hoard. This, probably is the first time goblins have attacked the town since it is protected by moat. But, nature was cruel this time and a long drought has dried everything, making way for Goblins to invade.

I was already expecting a Goblin no similar to other anime, and I wasn’t wrong. This Goblin not only looks terrifying, but, is also a strong one. And, this is not a high ranking one either.

Reona then shamelessly reveals the side-effects of dying in the game. In the beginning Hiro thought that he would die in real life too, but, the truth was not something to sigh about.

If you die in the game, both of your game and console will be destroyed. That’s taking realism too far.

Well, Hiro was going to log out, but he could not leave a little girl in danger just because she is an NPC. His sword is still rusty, hence, he decides to save the little girl by putting his life in danger

Reona, unsuccessfully tries to distract one of the Goblins. Her plan worked, but it wasn’t enough for Hiro to run far away. On top of that, there was an another Goblin.

At this point, Hiro was in deep trouble. He told the little girl to run away, but, how can she outclass a monster? In desperation, Hiro unconsciously unleashed his innate power before the little girl is smashed.

That probably was an adrenaline boost that helped him run faster than a Goblin.

Things went back to normal when Tesla arrived, and within a moment slashed both the Goblins into two. Telsa offered Hiro to join army, and he accepted (BIG MISTAKE).

In the end, he exits the game. After returning from school he decides to return to the website for some guidance.

To his shocking revelation, the decision he took ( join the army) had a “0.1% Survival Rate.” Now you know why this episode is named so.

I have nothing but pity on Hiro. He gets his money looted from some goons, goes into a game store and gets his money looted too, though indirectly, then play a game that may also destroy his console too.

That’s some cruelly fu**ed up situation right there.

Release Date

Full Dive releases every Wednesdays. Episode 8 will release on May 26th, 06:30(PDT).
Episode 7 ended with an another shock for Hiro. The option he took to join the army had the worst chance of survival, only 0.1%.

The name of Episode 8 is, “Enlistment & Baptism.”

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