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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149 Spoiler Leaks

If the Shibuya Arc wasn’t enough to burn a hole in heart, the new arc will surely do it. First, Gojo gets trapped, then Nobara gets heavily injured, and of course Nanami is killed so miserably, and now Yaga is killed only because the higher-ups suspect he is “a threat.”

The higher-ups need to understand that wrath is coming to them. I don’t want to imagine how Gojo will respond, but, I’m sure Itadori and others will do something.

With this, let’s look into Chapter 149 Spoilers, and some other discussions.

Chapter 148 Recap

The chapter was entirely focused on the Zenin Clan, and this one chapter was enough to explain how messed this clan is. Well! this is not something new. When Mai was first introduced, Maki revealed that the very reason she left the Zenin clan is because according to them, she wasn’t “capable.”

For that reason, Mai, who was more girly than Maki had to face hell and train herself extremely hard just so that she can prove herself as more “useful.”

Coming back to the present chapter, it starts with Naoya talking to Maki about her scar. And, then the conversation quickly turns into a bitter one. In one panel, we see a kid Maki getting bullied by Naoya. Well, what can you expect from this guy?

The next few panels cover a conversation between Maki and Megumi. This incident is a flashback, and this flashback explains the reason why Maki is trying to access the warehouse from which she is prohibited. Maki says that Naobito wanted Megumi to take control of the Zenin assets after him, and there are more reasons why he should do it.

After the flashback is over, we see the lady (maybe Maki’s mom) forcing Maki to stop. And, Maki’s father is already waiting in the warehouse as if he knew Maki was coming. It seems he has already disposed of all the cursed tools in the warehouse after hitting Mai.

The new few panels cover a conversation between Naoya and Jinichi and how they both are stressed over the fact that Megumi may become the next head of the clan.

The final few pages include a bitter battle between Maki and her Father. Though Maki goes quite hard on him, he counters most of the attacks and pins down Maki. In the end, we see him crying and blaming both the girls for his failure to become the clan head.



The Spoilers have started coming out. This page will be updated as soon as complete Spoilers are available…

  • Maki continues her fight against Ogi Zenin.
  • Mai tries to help Maki, and creates a new weapon.
  • Since Mai was already out of all cursed energy, creating this weapon takes toll on her body.
  • Mai then dies after handing over the new weapon to Maki.
  • After acquiring the weapon Mai made, Maki gets a huge boost of power.
  • As Maki goes to land her final hit on Ogi Zenin, he sees Toji Fushiguro in her. This vision terrifies him as he recalls his past fight with Toji.
  • It is being described that after getting the weapon, Maki has become as powerful as Toji Fushiguro.
  • Maki then slashes and kills Ogi Zenin.

The reason why Mai died after creating the weapon was not only because she was tired, but also that she created the weapon out of emptiness. She never did that usually.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149 will officially release on May 23rd. And, the Spoilers are out 2-3 days before the official release. Hence, we can expect updates only after 19th May.
But, after reading Chapter 148, both the Zenin sisters are in trouble. Their father is trying to either kill them or knock them unconscious.

Damn! such a mess!

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