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Full Dive Episode 9 Release & Discussion

Poor Hiro thought that his life is changed that he has joined the army, but he forgot to consult the website he always visits before choosing this option.

Only after getting himself into this pit, Hiro understood that he has probably taken the worst decision of his life. He had the option to leave the game for good, and switch to something more “sane,” but, he decided to face the consequences.

Episode 8 Recap

Well, we have completed 8 episodes, and I don’t see much of character development for Hiro. He is still complaining about everything, he is weak, and shamefully does almost nothing to make himself strong.

On the other hand, to extend this misery he has Reona who needs no introduction. Maybe this series is more slow than “SAO,” and things happen way slowly than it should be.

I won’t be surprised if we complete this season without getting to the real part. But, yes, this doesn’t mean the series is lagging itself behind in terms of development.
2 episodes before, we saw how Hiro almost made a super-human move to save the child.

Unfortunately, there is also no manga available to see whether Hiro stays the same for the entire series, or will become more “manly” in the future?

Wrapping up this rant, episode 8 mostly covered Hiro’s hellish experience after joining the army. Losing in a fighting is fine, but, proceeding to complain, and to why this game is so realistic is stupidity, and he should either leave the game or simply keep shut and train hard.

Release Date

Full Dive releases every Wednesdays. Episode 9 will release on June 2nd, 06:30(PDT).
Episode 8 has started an another suffering for Hiro. He is extremely weak, and if already getting bullied by his fellow soldiers.

Well, if you ask me, I don’t fell bad for him. Hiro is still naive and complains that “it’s just a game.” As soon as he complains, the best return question to him is, “Why did you return to this game then?”
This seems pretty harsh, but, it’s the truth.

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