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Black Clover Chapter 294 Spoiler Leaks

Magna is the hidden gem in Black Bulls. Who would have thought that he would defeat Dante, that too without having any anti-magic capability.

You can say that this is the first time Magna has shown what he is capable of. Wonder what will Yami think when he returns.

Well, do you really think Dante has been defeated? There still remains a different kind of issue that we might be missing. Now that Dante has lost his Devil powers, where is Lucifero?

Don’t tell me, he will take a material form and unleash wrath.

Chapter 293 Recap

Is there anything to say about the chapter? No, I don’t think so.

One of the best way to explain this chapter is “Less Talk, More Action.” From the very beginning of their battle, Dante did just one thing, humiliate Magna.

Dante took Magna as a mere boy who would break mentally only with few insults hurled at him. But, his calculations were way off.

The more you insult Magna, the more formidable he becomes. In one panel when he asked Yami about why he recruited him in Black Bulls, Yami replied that it was his Grit.

It was as if a Tsunami of Will-Power that took over him, and landed more hits. Finally after some time, Dante exhausted all his magic power. Now, the Dante who was unstoppable has become a frail, helpless man.

Even after such humiliating defeat, he thought to land at least on blow. But, it seem Dante has “Glass Jaw.” One hit and he was shattered.

Next chapter is going to be exciting because both Luck and Asta are here, and they have witnessed what their comrade have done. Especially Luck will be extremely excited to fight Magna till death Haha!!


  • Chapter 294 Title is: “As Promised.”
  • Chapter starts with Asta being overjoyed with Magna’s victory.
  • Jack is finally starting to believe Black Bulls members.
  • On the other hand, Devils are still pouring out of Morris’ room.
  • It seems Dante isn’t dead yet, and he revives back in a peculiar form.
  • Jack lands the final blow and possibly kills Dante.
  • A panel shows Vanica has made Lolopechika her puppet and Charlotte is facing problems against Vanica.
  • Chapter ends with Gaja going after Lolopechika and Noelle going after Vanica.

Black Clover Chapter 293 was just released. As of now there are extremely limited spoilers available on the internet, that too, either fake or fan-made.

Hence, we’ll have to wait for some time before the official Spoilers start to arrive. I’m trying my best to put together any information regarding the next chapter updates.

Stay Tuned!!

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