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Black Clover Chapter 267 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read.

Black Clover is going through one of the most intense arc of the series. After the capture of Yami and William in the Clover Kingdom and the Queen of Heart Kingdom Lolopechika, both the Kingdoms have weakened quite a bit. But, we have come to know that the Vice-Captain of Black Bulls is back and he will change the game Asta and the upcoming war. With this let’s learn about the Leaks and Spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 267.


Raw Scans of Black Clover Chapter 267 are RELEASED and it goes like this:

Asta vs His Devil:

In the previous chapter we saw that Nacht initiating his power and after that Asta comes face to face with his devil for the first time. This is what Asta experiences. But, on the outer side, the Devil of Asta is overtaken by his Devil.

In Chapter 267 Asta’s Devil tries to fight Asta and tries to take over his body. Nacht tells Asta that there are only two options left for him. Either he should defeat the Devil and control him, or he loses and turns into a complete monster.

A serious Battle starts between Asta and his Devil. Both are trying hard to conquer each other and a totally unique this happen.

Asta’s Mom Appear:

Yes! in the very last panel of the leaked scans we get to see Asta’s mom for the first time. She says these words to the Demon “You are Not Bad.”

The Devil is shocked and takes a defensive position after he experiences Asta’s mother.

Is Black Clover on Break Next Week?

No, Black Clover is not on a break next week and Chapter 267 will Release as per scheduled.


Not long ago we came to know that Yuna was a Prince of the Spade Kingdom. Looking into his magical powers this revelation was not too much of a surprise.

But, we did not knew that Asta’s mother would be revealed so early as well.

Asta’s mother is shown to be as energetic as Asta and he also resembles her.

With his mother’s appearance I think we are looking into an emotional reunion of Mother and her son.

Who is Asta’s Demon?

Even after 266 Chapters we don’t have clear knowledge who is Asta’s Devil. And now that Asta’s mom is revealed I think only the reality of Asta’s Devil is left.

After the way Asta’s devil reacted to Asta’s mother there are many speculations flying around that suggest that the Devil may be someone very close to Asta’s mother.

There are also some speculation that the devil may be Asta’s Dad, which is highly unlikely. Because if the demon is Asta’s Dad, then his mother would never say “You are Not Bad.”

What I think is that Asta’s Devil maybe someone who was exiled from Demon Realm due to his inability of having something that is absolutely necessary for a Devil.

Maybe Asta’s Devil was so powerful that Devil’s were afraid of him and hence, to save themselves, they threw him under a trap.

There could be countless speculation until Tabata himself does no reveal the actual truth. To know it we will have to wait for the upcoming chapters.

Read Black Clover:

Black Clover is free to read and you can read on Viz.


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