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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143 Spoilers, Raw Scans

After what happened in Tokyo, it seems that all of Jujutsu Sorcerers is against Itadori, and Yuta has been tasked to execute him. But, as it’s clear that Itadori is not that easy to be defeated. On the other hand, Choso is also there to help him. Yuta is trying hard to land a hit on Itadori but, until now he has failed. Things suddenly changed after the sudden appearance of Rika. And, as we know how powerful she is, Itadori was bound to lose after than. As of Chapter 142, Itadori is unconscious and Yuta is dragging him along. After defeating Itadori, now Yuta is after Choso. Now, it will become interesting to watch how Choso counters the two best Sorcerers the Jujutsu community have got. With this, let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and few discussions.


Choso Is In Tough Spot

In Chapter 142, we saw how Yuta was dragging Itadori with him and also punching Choso at the same time. The Chapter ended with that scene, but, it’s sure that the battle between these three will get intense in Chapter 143.

Besides this, one thing that is making every JJK reader is the mysterious smile from Sukuna when Yuta stabbed Itadori. We though that the upcoming chapter will show the reason, guess Akutami Sensei has decided to keep that a secret.

Coming to the serious aspect of this, now that Choso will face both Yuta and Naoya, he is in a grave spot. Choso barely countered Naoya’s speed after using a technique that literally destroyed his eyes temporarily. And now that Yuta has also joined the party, who knows, maybe Choso will die?

But, let’s hope this doesn’t happen, as it seems among all negative characters, he seem good and more understandable. Well, only the upcoming chapters will prove what’s the actual matter.

Will Itadori Wake Up?

When Itadori got stabbed, Sukuna’s reaction got everyone excited that maybe Megumi is here. But, we didn’t see any such thing happening.

To take note of the situation, this is not the first time Itadori has been stabbed, or he is facing a life and death situation. Previously, Sukuna took out his heart and killed him.

We see the same thing happening this time. Yuta stabbed Itadori with his broken sword. You can say that Itadori may use Sukuna to counter Naoya and Yuta, but this will change the matter to even more worse.

If you ask me, there is a chance that Itadori will wake up when either Naoya or Yuta will make their final move to kill Choso. That’s the only scenario I’m seeing happening.


Okay, the Spoilers are out, and it seems a unexpected twist about Yuta. On the other hand, we also get to see some revelations about Itadori.

  • Choso defeats and poisons Naoya.
  • It is revealed that Yuta is working on his own and has different plans for Itadori.
  • Naoya is dying and Yuta says he will only cure him if he reports that Itadori is dead.
  • Yuta revives Itadori through Reversal Technique.
  • In a panel, we see kid Itadori and his Grandfather arguing with someone.
  • Itadori’s father is revealed. His name is Jin.
  • Itadori’s Grandfather says to Jin that his wife(Itadori’s Mother) is not good and there is something wrong with her.
  • In a panel we see Itadori’s mother having the same forehead marks as Geto.
  • Megumi appears and asks Itadori for help. He says that Geto(Kamo) is organizing a “Revolution of Death.”
  • Tsumiki, Megumi’s sister is involved in Geto’s plan.
  • There are 8 rules of Geto’s Revolution of Death.
  • Yuta explains the Reversal Technique to Itadori, but he doesn’t understand a thing.
  • Yuta reveals that Gojo asked him to protect Itadori, and hence, he didn’t kill him.
  • Yuta comforts Itadori with a talk about “Power.”

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