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My Hero Academia S05 Episode 11 Release & Discussion

It’s hard to believe that My Hero Academia is airing it’s 5th season. Every time I watch this show, it’s always new to me. The excitement and joy of watching Deku grow, and his daily lives is something that we cannot miss.

Now that we are already half-way through the season, things are getting pretty interesting.
We have reached he final match, and Deku has unknowingly unlocked his new quirk?

With this, let’s look into MHA S05 Episode 11 Release & some Discussion.

Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 has finally pushed us into the part we manga readers were waiting eagerly for so many months.

If you ask me which part were you waiting for to be animated? I would, without a question, reply, the animation of “Black Whip.”

The moment I saw All Might talking to Gran-Torino about what Nana Shimura said, the first thing that came to me was:

It’s Here!!

And, when the slightest particle of the “Black Whip” quirk ignited from within Deku, and how All Might reacted to it gave me chills, and I’m sure it gave it to you too.

But, the activation was not smooth in any way. He not only lost his control, the new quirk was hurting him? At least, this felt true by the reaction of his.

If Shinso and Uraraka wasn’t present to control the situation, who knows what would have happened?

But, what happened after Shinso’s brainwashing was more interesting than any other revelation.

We got introduced to the holder of the Black Whip quirk. This guy seems to live in an another dimension with the other holders of OFA.

Deku returned to his senses after getting instructions from the holder of Black Whip.

But, what could have we expected? To declare the match a miss? No, Monoma decides tries to land a hit, but fails.

The match continues and a brawl erupts between the two teams as all of them have gathered at one place.

The episode ends abruptly while the match was still in continuation.

The preview of the next episode shows the end of the match, and Shinso’s training with Aizawa.

If you are a manga reader, you know very well, where are we approaching after this!

But, if you are not, I would request you to have patience and wait for the whole thing get animated. Watching our favorite scenes getting animated leaves a more deep and engaging impression within us.

Release Date

New episodes of My Hero Academia releases every Saturdays. Episode 11 will release on June 5th, 01:30 (PDT). The preview of Episode 11 continues the final match.
After this match, we will enter the real part of the story. Deku has already activated a new quirk, and if I guess right, he has 6 more quirks to unlock.

Deku has a long way to go before he becomes the top-most Hero surpassing All Might and previous holders of OFA.

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