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Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date & Time

The War has officially begun against the Spade Kingdom and Episode 163 has notched the bar even more higher. Episode 163 showcased how power Yami has become after months of training. He was in fact about to slash Dante in the end. Yami’s growth is something that we were always expecting, but, growth of such intensity is always welcome. Even Asta and others have trained quite hard to achieve this feat. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Episode Discussion

Luck’s Determination

Luck and Magna’s rivalry has made Luck and extremely powerful Knight. Even though against a Devil Possessed Spade Kingdom member, he was quickly able to kill him.

This is what makes Luck a respectful character even though he has always been someone with a “Mad Scientist” attitude.

Yami Vs Dante

Okay, this is the fight we were waiting for when Dante suddenly attacked Black Bulls hideout.

The fight between Yami and Dante was loved so much that it was trending on Twitter for some time. It’s hard to describe any fighting scene, only that, Yami is probably the most powerful Knight in Clover Kingdom. Yami might actually be really close to the Wizard King with all these upgrade he has got.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 163 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, February 16. The name of the next Episode is “Battlefield, Heart Kingdom.” The next episodes are going to be an exciting one as we will get to see how Gaja saves Heart Kingdom from the Vanica’s mayhem.

Black Clover is ending is very near and it seems it will finish with a bang. When do you think Black Clover will resume?

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