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One Piece 1004 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Luffy and his nakama are trying really hard to put a dent on Kaido’s plans, but, it seems Kaido and Big Mom are on a different league. In Chapter 1003 we saw Luffy unleashing his possibly the most powerful attack on Kaido, and the reaction to it was only a minor injury. But, Zoro is the one who has, till now failed to land any crucial hit on Kaido or Big Mom. Enough talk, let’s look into One Piece 1004 Spoilers, Raw Scans and few Discussions.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Kaido’s New Form?

Kaido is arguably the most powerful two-legged creature walking on Wano right now. When the Wano Arc started, we thought the Dragon form was his original form, but Chapter 1003 proved it wrong. In the end of the Chapter a “New Kaido” appeared which was covered in smoke.

Why this is concerning for Luffy and others is because this form could be the most powerful form of Kaido! On the other hand, Luffy is already at his limit and Zoro and others are making a run for it.

But, there is also an another question attached to how strong Kaido can be in his new form. Why didn’t he reveal while fighting Oden? Maybe this form is something that Kaido developed after getting whopped by Oden as a counter-measure.

And, if that’s the case, Zoro and others will have to do something before Kaido retaliates.

On the other hand, we are also seeing Big Mom unleashing new attacks that are too much to handle for a normal pirate. She is single-handedly launching airstrikes powerful enough to wipe out an entire army. But, she hasn’t been successful yet.

We hope that Luffy recovers quickly and bounce back to the War Zone as he is acting as a liability for Zoro and others.

Yonkos Will Strike Now?

The final sentence of Chapter 1003 gives a hint that the Yonko were just testing the New Generation. And, even though they are extremely powerful, this was not expected.

From the beginning of the battle, Big Mom has been slightly ignored to put more emphasis on Kaido, but, even without fighting seriously, Big Mom managed to unleash new and power attacks.

So, the question is: Will the Yonko’s strike now? The answer to this is a Solid YES!

The last line of Chapter 1003 was a clear indication that Kaido and Big Mom will get serious and notch their attacks even higher than before.

Do you think before anything serious happens, the Marines or other Yonko’s will arrive?

I think that this time Shanks will not arrive but, The Marine will intervene and try to break apart the deadly-duo.

Well! Speculations are endless, but, the reality will only be revealed when the official chapters comes out.


Okay, the spoilers are out, and this Chapter we get to see other battle going on:

  • Chapter starts with Speed(the Horse Healiner). She is going around Onigashima’s castle distributing dango to Gifters, saying that dangos are a special medicine from Queen’s bullets.
  • Next we see a flashback. We see Tama, and she wants to fight in Onigashima too. She wants to see Momonosuke as Wano’s next Shogun, and she doesn’t wants to be hungry again.
  • She used Speed’s personal ship to travel to Onigashima with Speed, Gazelleman and Daifugou on board. It’s in the ship where Tama created enormous amounts of Kibi Dango.
  • Coming back from the flashback, we see Gaselleman and Daifugou running around Onigashima’s castle and distributing Dango to Gifters.
  • Next panel shows fight between Franky and Sasaki. Franky shoots its “Weapons Left” at Sasaki but the attack doesn’t work. Sasaki crashes into Franky Shougun but Franky grabs his horns and throws him.
  • Franky tries to attack again but, Gifters grabs his arms, and pave way for Sasaki to attack.
  • Before Sasaki could attack Franky, Usopp, Nami, Tama and Komachiyo run into the scene followed by an army of Gifters who are now on their side after eating Dango. Franky tries to get away from Sasaki’s attack.
  • Ulti and Page One discovers that these particular group of Gifters have betrayed them. Sasaki is confused. Ulti then tries to take Komachiyo under her control by jumping on it, but Nami uses her “Thunder Lance-Temp” to stop Ulti. Nami’s attack successfully hits Ulti and she falls on the ground.
  • Usopp shoots dango into Gifters’ mouth, turning Sasaki’s Armoured Division against him. Sasaki is again confused as to why his team betrayed him. Taking this opportunity, Franky plans to attack Sasaki.
  • Franky’s new attack hits Sasaki directly and blood spills out from Sasaki’s body.
  • Next panel is between Black Maria and Sanji. Sanji defeats all of Black Maria’s male subordinates but he wouldn’t touch the female ones, so Black Maria manages to catch him in her spder webs.
  • Black Maria is planning to use Sanji to catch Robin, so that Kaido can extract information from her.
  • Bao Huang announces that one of her spies have found out the injured Red Scabbards. On the other hand, King is still busy fighting someone else, and he orders someone else to kill the injured group immediately.
  • Black Maria says that she will do this job since, the room where the Red Scabbards are kept is connected directly to her floor.
  • Bao Huang warns Black Maria to be cautious since the room where she is going have someone who is helping the Samurai.
  • In the room we see a silhouette of a mysterious person tending to Kinemon’s wound. The person is normal in size. We also see the side of his/her face and the nose/mouth shape make it seems like that person is a female.
  • Chapter ends with the person grinding his/her teeth and looks like there’re tears on his/her eyes.

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