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One Piece Top 10 Most Loved Characters List

After 20 years in serialization One Piece has become a part of our lives. It’s like all these characters are not fictional but real. Of course there are characters we don’t want them to exist but we won’t focus on them today…

Hence, in this post I’ll list the Top 10 Most Loved One Piece Characters. Let’s see whether you can predict the names…

(1) Every Straw Hat Crew

Who doesn’t like the Straw Hat Pirates? I’m sure, at least I hope, you love them. In all the crew Luffy, Zoro and Jinbei are the ones loved the most.

One Piece
Straw Hats

One Piece is incomplete without them…Alas! [SPOILER] didn’t join the Straw Hats or else it would become even more wholesome…

(2) Ace

In his short lifespan Ace really made a name for himself. The Whitebeard Pirates absorbed him and he climbed to become one of the highest ranking Pirate within a short point of time. Other than having command over insane firepower Ace was also humble to people…


Ace’s death was the most shocking incident in One Piece and it literally pushed Luffy to become the person he is today. In fact I would say Ace never died for Luffy…

(3) Yamato

Nothing about Yamato is negative. She is not only beautiful but also jolly and determined. It’s pretty hard to say that she is Kaido’s daughter.

Yamato One Piece Beautiful

Yamato calls herself Oden and does everything with same the enthusiasm as Oden did. What is you view on her?

(4) Shanks

Shanks is the most mysterious Pirate in One Piece. Both him and Buggy has been a Pirate from childhood that too with the greatest Pirate ever…And of course his absence has notched up his reputation a lot higher than other Pirates.

One Piece Shanks

I guess after more than 20 years of wait we will finally learn something about him…I’m having strong hunch that the final battle will take place between Luffy and Shanks.

(5) Roger

Roger is directly responsible for almost every event in One Piece. Even at the time of his death he successfully persuaded everyone to believe that One Piece was a reality. Well, thanks to him we got a great story like One Piece…

One Piece Roger

Though Roger is dead for many years now, his legacy still lives on. He has appeared in only a handful of episodes and chapters in the series and almost every time he has been an absolute chad. How can we One Piece not respect him? Yeah, he also beat Oden in one swing of his blade…

(6) Oden

Samurai like Oden is born only once is thousand years. He was the greatest and the most dynamic Samurai ever to exist in Wano. The reason? He was not only physically strong but also fiercely head-strong. He never compromised with his life and lived it to the fullest.

Oden vs Kaido One Piece

That’s why One Piece fans respect him even though he was failure all his life…Even after his death his son is carrying his legacy.

(7) Fujitora

Fujitora deserves MAD respect! This Sir made himself blind just because he didn’t like the world he was living. Such sacrifice! And guess what? His skills hasn’t rusted a bit even after going blind.

One Piece Fujitora

And unlike other Marines Fujitora doesn’t just blindly kill Pirates just because they are Pirates. I wonder how powerful he would be if he had his eyes intact…

(8) Sabo

In the three trio (Luffy, Ace, Sabo) only two are them are alive. Sabo had this burning desire to know the world and hence he abandoned his royal life for that… I still remember the episode when Sabo met with Luffy…

One Piece Monkey D Dragon

He is loved not just because of his personality, but also because of his intelligence and way of doing to things. He got hands on Ace’s Devil Fruit and ate it…Oda is literally a genius! He re-established the broke brotherhood between Ace, Luffy and Sabo.

(9) Rosinante

This is surprise, and I guess you wouldn’t have thought I would include Rosinante in this list. What’s special about Rosinante is that he was a Noble yet he didn’t have any hatred towards the humans who literally tortured and killed his dad.

One Piece Rosinante

He went a step forward and made sure that Law lived and carry on his legacy. The image above is just moments before Corazón collapsed.

(10) Doflamingo

For some reason One Piece villains attract massive love and respect even after all the cruelty. Doflamingo is one of them. If my personal view Doflamingo is the most loved yet hated One Piece character ever…

One Piece Doflamingo

He has a style of his own and doesn’t give a damn about anything. Heck why should he? He is a noble by birth.

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