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12 Sexiest Female Characters In One Piece

Who is the Sexiest Female Character in One Piece? In facts, there is not one but many Hot and Beautiful woman in One Piece.

Oda has upped his game of erotic females since the past few years, especially after the time-skip. Most of the new woman introduced in the manga are fantastic looking. We fans and my boy Sanji are sometimes confused whom to simp for…

Well, even though most of them are insanely beautiful, I have short-listed the MOST beautiful and attractive ones.

Let’s GOOO:

Sexiest One Piece Waifu List

(12) Ulti

Ulti taking the last position in this list doesn’t mean she is ugly! Ulti has good bodily features, but we are not aware of how she look behind that mask. She has some similarities with Yamato though.

Ulti One Piece

I dont think we will ever see how does she looks behind the. But, she deserves to be in the list of best One Piece waifu…

(11) Vivi

We have seen two versions of Vivi. A pre-timeskip Vivi and the post-timeskip Vivi. I would the post-timeskip Vivi is WAY more attractive and alluring than pre-timeskip.

Vivi One Piece

Vivi is also a princess, hence she has glowing beauty about her! She has hinted that she would one day sail like Luffy. If you can recall correctly, she also wanted to join the Star Hats are the Arabasta Kingdom arc finished!

(10) Viola

Viola is Rebecca’s aunt and also the present crown princess of Dressrosa. Unlike Rebecca, Viola is a grown-up and is fiercely attractive. Everything about her is fantastic.

Viola One Piece

She deserves to be the crown princess of Dressrosa. Viola never appeared in the story after the Luffy defeated Doflamingo. But, she will always be one of the most beautiful female in One Piece.

(9) Rebecca

When Rebecca was introduced in One Piece, fans started pointing out how similar are her facial features with Nami. And since Nami is hella beautiful, Rebecca is a beautiful lady too!

Rebecca One Piece

She was the princess of Dressrosa, and as you know, princesses are supposed to be more beautiful than an average commoner. Unfortunately, we couldn’t much of her after Doffy was defeated. I hope before the series ends, Oda will introduce all the characters one last time!

(8) Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi is way younger than most of the females in this list. She is beautiful, no doubt. She is mermaid, and mermaids are inherently beautiful…

Shirahoshi One Piece

One Piece has entered the final arc, and if we don’t get to see any time-skip, I don’t think we will ever see the grown up version of her!

(7) Vinsmoke Reiju

Reiju is kind, even though she is a Vinsmoke. She is the only sister among all the Vinsmoke brothers… And my-o-my isn’t she sexy? She carries the overwhelming feeling of power around her that sets her apart from other woman.

Reiju One Piece

I’m sure if Reiju was not Sanji’s elder sister, he would have fainted just by looking at her. Alas! we hardly get to see in One Piece!

(6) Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock has bigger forehead than all the Star Hats crew combined! Yet she looks really beautiful! thanks to her sharp facial features. More than beauty, it’s her elegance that sets her apart.

Boa Hancock One Piece
Boa Hancock

Hancock is one of the many beastly woman who is insanely beautiful!

What’s your thought about her?

(5) Black Maria

Black Maria has great facial features and she sure looks sexy as hell! She could have easily to the top if she wasn’t a half spider.

Black Maria One Piece
Black Maria

On top of beauty, the voice actress of Black Maria has done a fantastic job to make her sound erotic! I was reading some comments about her in various communities. What I guessed was right. Some love her, and some doesn’t just because she is a half-spider.

Boa Hancock is a snack, but her personality is way different than that of Black Maria. Maria is outright abusive.

(4) Yamato

Yamato is the newest comer in the list of hottest waifu in One Piece. She is a beastly woman, but for some reason she looks way more attractive than most human woman…

Yamato One Piece Beautiful

And now that she is also joining the Star Hats crew, we will see more of her! I’m really excited to see her explore with Luffy!

(3) Robin

Even though Nami and Robin are beautiful, Robin has the “big-sis” aura that makes her presence special for everyone. You know when she is there, nothing will go wrong! Of course time has been kind to her.

Nico Robin One Piece
Nico Robin

In fact Robin changed the most after the time-skip. Not only she became voluptuous, but also fair. She was dark-skinned before.

(2) Nami

Nami is one of the first female introduced in One Piece. And if I’m not wrong, she is also the second person to join Luffy’s crew? Nami has blossomed pretty well over the years. Especially after the time-skip…

Nami One Piece Beautiful

Nami is unarguably one of the most hot and sexy female in One Piece. No wonder why Sanji is always simping for her.

(1) Hiyori

Hiyori is hands-down the most beautiful female character in One Piece. She deserves to be the daughter of Toki. In fact Hiyori got her beauty from her mother.

Hiyori One Piece Beautiful

What makes Hiyori special than other female is her lady-like personality. Everything about her is calm and gentle…


I know I haven’t included many other beautiful female characters. They are beautiful too, but they aren’t good enough to make into the list above!

These are some of the other female in One Piece who are hot and cute. But, since they don’t always get the screen time I didn’t include them!

  • Perona
  • Russian
  • Sahahebi
  • Domino
  • Nojiko (Nami’s adoptive older sister)
  • Pudding
  • Monet
  • Carrot (fans ships her with Chopper)
  • Koala
  • Mero
  • Ishilly

Well, we have finally reached the conclusion of this LONG post! I’m tried my best to list the most beautiful female characters in One Piece. Pardon me if I’ve missed something!

Who Is The Most Beautiful Female Character In One Piece?

Hiyori is the most Beautiful Female Character in One Piece.

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