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14 Strongest Bleach Captains

Today I’ll talk about the 14 Strongest Bleach Captains. Are they really that powerful?

Yes, I know there are more Captains, but in this I’ll mostly focus on the most powerful ones.

With this, let’s GOO…


15 Strongest Captains In Bleach List

15 Storongest Bleach Captains:

(15) Love Aikawa

Love was the previous captain of the 7th division and back then he was quite powerful, especially for his sword. But, since he hasn’t even revealed powers other than Hollow, we cannot say how powerful was he back in the day.

Love Aikawa Bleach
Love Aikawa

If we are just talking about raw strength, then Love is inhumanly powerful. We got a glimpse of that power when he ripped apart a Menos Grande just by bare hands.

(14) Joshiro Ukitake

Ukitake was the most loved Captain. He was soft-spoken and also helpful to his subordinates. Though we only saw him fight just once, the sheet spiritual pressure he contains is astonishing.

Ukitake Bleach
Joshiro Ukitake

Ukitake is the only Captain who never revealed his Bankai to anyone. But it’s mentioned in the manga that his Bankai is immensely powerful. maybe even more powerful than other Captain in this list!

(13) Yoruichi Shihouin

I love Yoruichi. Not just because she is hella attractive, but also because of her personality. Everything kept aside, she was also a Captain back in the day and excelled in almost everything she did.

Yoruichi Bleach
Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi was mostly known for her ungodly speedy legs. Even Byakuya couldn’t surpass her at speed. Unfortunately, very little is known about her Captaincy days, but she earned a lot of respect from her followers, especially Sui Feng…

(12) Retsu Unohana

Unohana is mostly known for her healing abilities, but we never saw other aspects of her personality. She is full of elegance and hardly ever breaks her character. But, in the inside she is insanely well-trained Shinigami, powerful enough to counter even Kenpachi Zaraki at sword fight.

Unohana Bankai Bleach
Retsu Unohana

She also overwhelmed Zaraki not once but many times when they fought against each other. I won’t reveal what happened after that but she still remains strong and skillful enough to counter even Kyoraku and Byakuya at sword fights.

(11) Kaname Tosen

Though visually impaired, Kaname’s precision is perfect. He never missed whatever he targets. Not having eyes have also helped him become aware of the non-visual aspects of life. And that made him an inch higher than other captains.

Tosen Bleach
Kaname Tosen

If Tosen didn’t waste his life going with Aizen, then I think he would be a great asset to the Soul Society.

(10) Sajin Komamura

Komamura is a beast when enraged. His techniques are also pretty close to Zaraki where he overwhelms the enemy with physical blows. Even this Bankai follows the same procedure.

Sajin Komamura Bleach
Sajin Komamura

If you have just watched the anime and thinking that he is rather weak, then hold it right there. You haven’t seen what he can…By the end of series he attains something (Spoiler) that makes him EVEN MORE powerful than he normally is!

(9) Sui Feng

Yoruichi was the fastest Soul Hunter back in the days when she was a Captain. At present Sui Feng has taken her position. Sui Feng also contains more fire-power than Yoruichi.

Sui Feng Bankai Bleach
Sui Feng

In fact Sui Feng’s Bankai is so powerful that it not only blew away her subordinates, but also her when unleashed. And as I mentioned before, she is heck fast. I guess by the end of the manga, she became way faster than Yoruichi…

(8) Toshiro Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya is a prodigy and it helped him to become a captain at an early age. Compared to how young he is, he has great control over ice. He seem to bit weak at the beginning of the series, but as the story proceeds, he becomes way more powerful and skillful that before.

Hitsugaya Bankai Bleach
Toshiro Hitsugaya

He always stays with Matsumoto and also consults with her whenever he needs to make an important decision.

(7) Mayuri Kurotshuchi

Mayuri is an exact opposite of how most Captains fight in Bleach. While most captains use their swords, Mayuri uses his Brain and his Chemicals. And before the enemy knows something’s not right, he/she is dead.

Mayuri Kurotshuchi Bleach
Mayuri Kurotshuchi

The only person to really challenge Maryuri was Ishida Uryu. He almost killed him. But, by the end of the series, most Captains became even more powerful than they were before. The only reason why Mayuri pushed himself so hard is because he wants to surpass Urahara.

(6) Shinji Hirako

He played a huge role in helping Ichigo master his Hollow powers. In the beginning I thought he was some kind of filler character, but later the truth was revealed.

Shinji Hirako Bleach
Shinji Hirako

Shinji has the most confusing technique. When it’s unleashed upon an enemy their sense of direction gets messed up. Right become Left and vice-verse. If that wasn’t enough the world seems to be twisted…This robs the enemy their will to fight and also extremely confuses them…

(5) Kisuke Urahara

Urahara is arguably the most secretive character in Bleach. And intelligent too! As a captain he was one of the most successful in his times. He not only did various inventions and discoveries, but also encouraged many to becoming the genius like he is.

Urahara Bankai Bleach
Kisuke Urahara

Mayuri is one of them. He considers Urahara as his rival and wants to bypass him at any cost!

(4) Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki is a great fighter, and also a great Captain. His techniques are powerful too, but with quite some loopholes if the opponent is insanely strong.

Byakuya Bankai Bleach
Byakuya Kuchiki

He always maintains a serious and intimidating vibe around him that anyways gives him a strong appearance.

(3) Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki is the physical embodiment of “HARD WORK.” He doesn’t know any other way but to slice his opponent as fast and as hard as possible. Though he is not good with directions, his subordinates respect him a lot.

Zaraki Kenpachi Bankai Bleach
Kenpachi Zaraki

If there is anyone who really is a brute, then is Kenpachi. Damn, even his Bankai is like that!

(2) Shunsui Kyoraku

Kyoraku is the most suited Captain to become the second Commander of the Captains. Everything about him is like a vintage wine. Smooth! Even his Bankai, which is supposed to be ground-breaking, is smooth and playful.

Shunsui Kyōraku Bleach
Shunsui Kyoraku

Kyoraku doesn’t battle against his enemy too much like Kenpachi, but his power is a mixture of sword fight and illusion.

(1) Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Yamamoto is hands-down the most powerful Bleach Captain. I don’t think there is any Captain as experienced and fierce as him in Bleach.

Yamamoto Bleach
Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Just his gaze was more than enough to mentally break Nannao Ise when she tried to confront him!

Conclusion & FAQ

Of course you might have already guessed it right that Yamamoto is the Strongest Bleach Captain. He is on a completely different level…

Well, it’ll be pretty interesting to see how the next generation turns out to be!

Who Is The Strongest Bleach Captain?

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto Is the Strongest Bleach Captain.

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