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One Piece Episode 962 Release Date & Time

With every upcoming episodes, we get to learn about the Wano before Kaido’s arrival. At present, the episodes are showing the days when Oden was at his peak and not a shogun yet. What’s more entertaining to see every episode is that our Red Scabbards. It’s hard to imagine that the Red Scabbards who are respected so much where some thugs before meeting Oden. Episode 961 helped in understanding how Oden, unconsciously, was building the greatest bonding Wano had ever seen. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 962 Release Date, Time and some Discussion.

Episode Discussion

Oden’s Power

When Oden was first introduced in the Past Episode, we easily knew that he was simply brilliant as a leader. And, his power was proven in this episode.

Kin’emon accidentally led the Mountain God into the town by bringing its kid. And, just by the size of it, the Mountain God could single-handedly swipe the entire town.

And, think about Oden’s power now, he finished it with just one slash.

There is nothing else to say after witnessing this.

Young Orochi

As the past is slowly revealed, we see a young Orochi. And, by his behavior, he is nothing like what he is now.

His behavior is such that even Oden called him a creep. But, the question arises? What happened to Orochi that changed him so much?

Guess, we will learn this as the time approaches.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 962 will Release on Saturday, February 13 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of next Episode is “Changing Destiny! the Whitebeard Pirates Cast Ashore.

The number of revelation that took place in Episode 962 is hard to explain. And, this was expected, since

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